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  1. Those look like the sweetest raspberries you could ever eat, and glossy to boot The bottle is very well composed, and informative too. Nice work!
  2. Fantastic symphony, with some interesting choice of instrument in the fourth movement. :Tools:
  3. I personally have no idea why winter makes people grumpy... I stay my jolly self year-round I've not seen too many foreign (for me) Snickers commercials around...Might just have to look more up in my free time I forgot what a Mars bar was, so I checked Wikipedia...
  4. Beautiful scene, Welsh. Would make a wicked location for a film
  5. Top work from you once again! Certainly glad you didn't go with reserved
  6. Hugh is looking good! I most nearly forgot about that post Your avvie looks cool too. Hope you get to feeling better.
  7. That's infuriating... It's a shame that there's no way of screening this type of person before hiring them... If there's no history, a background check isn't gonna pick up violent tendencies. Just sad.
  8. Lovely new images. You really are the queen of glossy
  9. Yesterday was one of the coldest days I've seen in quite some time. Last temp reading i saw was -12ºC (10ºF). But by the weekend, it's supposed to hit around 15ºC. I just wish it would make up its mind
  10. I liked the original plugin, so I'll have to give this one a try. I may post some results later
  11. Not been on the forums in a while...sifting through all the unread posts is a bear...
  12. Love the wallpaper, Barbie, and I like your piece too, kemaru
  13. I'm always amazed by your scapes. Perseids looks awesome!
  14. Yes, it is. It eats foreign objects in the cell.
  15. I know that feeling..... Anyway, I like the new additions. I think the blob is my favorite. Very simple, but still with a good deal of detail. It kinda looks like a macrophage The bird is really cool too.
  16. I've just gotten into Minecraft...well, not Minecraft, but a free spinoff called Minetest... It doesn't quite have the default features of MC, but you can mod it to be pretty close... I'm addicted... I haven't installed the creatures mod yet, but it's still really fun...
  17. I dread the day I have to get a new PC...I don't like Windows 8 at all. I guess I'm just too used to 7...
  18. Ugghhh... I really don't like my American Lit. class right now... My professor gave us a midterm exam with two questions on it. Each question has a minimum requirement of 600 words. So, it's basically like having to write two papers. By Monday. And I hate writing.
  19. Welcome back, Lloyd! Good to see you stoppin' in again.
  20. I'll have to try this out next time I need clouds BTW, @david.atwell, it appears that the problem is with the hosting site. I clicked one of the links and they said they were down temporarily.
  21. Ooh, that sucks...as a pianist, I fear the chance of developing it myself later on in life.
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