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  1. I never smelled my screen, but it did make me curious
  2. Very nice stones. And the background is cool too.
  3. O-chem and Pandora: perfect partners since January 2013...
  4. I am royally ticked off right now. I learned this morning that some people have been cheating in my physics class. So now, the grades for the first two exams are being annulled, and the final exam is going to be worth 65% of the entire course grade. The entire class is having to suffer because a bunch of inconsiderate prats decided to try to "beat the system". When are people going to realize that there are consequences for what they do? And that these consequences don't effect just them? I would love to know who they are. Boy, would they get an earful...
  5. Are you referring to the Mentalist? If so, Simon Baker does an amazing job at playing Jane. I love that show
  6. Love it, Helen The H is so shiny, and the subtle texture underneath it is very cool.
  7. I must shamefully admit that I hadn't seen many of your newer works until now. They are quite beautiful. You have a gift. I appreciate you sharing it with the community.
  8. Well, I just did my income taxes for the first time... can't wait to do them every year for the rest of my life
  9. Ahh...Spring break :)

  10. Well played, sir. I must laugh. However, it's electronics. All I want is to make use of them. I don't care how they work
  11. Love your work. You've got mad ClipWarp skills. Which, is to be expected, since you're the creator
  12. I hate physics. I don't understand anything this semester!
  13. This isn't a big Hollywood film, but if you have a spare half hour, you should watch this short film. It is a spin-off of Edgar Allen Poe's Tell-Tale Heart. WARNING: This is a psychological thriller, that also contains elements of violence. If you're squeamish, don't watch this. It's fine for the average person.
  14. Cheers, EER! 1 million views is amazing! I've made use of the index more times than I can count. I appreciate all your hard work.
  15. Really like the new sig!

  16. Agreed. I'm tired all the time anyways. Why do they have to make it worse? I envy our foreign friends.
  17. School has left no time for art this week... :(

  18. Well, my university has officially gotten in on the whole "Harlem Shake" craze...Fortunately I was in an O-chem exam while it was being taped
  19. The babies are very nice. I think I'll have to send my sister your upcoming Hugh. She's a huge fan
  20. Thanks. That came to me on a whim after I failed at probably three other design ideas Don't feel bad... Had I not been to England several years ago, I'd be there too. Even now, I wasn't sure what the abbreviation GMT was when I first saw it
  21. Rant: I had absolutely no desire for my previous rant to become a discussion...yet there's now a new thread... Should I have not posted it? Probably. But you know what they say. Hindsight is 20/20...
  22. Oh dear... I nearly started a mutiny aboard the S.S. (or HMS, or whatever you fancy) Paint.Net....

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