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  1. Wow, that's a new one I'll try and get that fixed for 3.30.
  2. Actually it is licensed under Creative Commons, and that is stated in the footer of the web site. However, like I said, this just isn't going to happen. It has nothing to do with Cris' abilities or enthusiasm, nor the merit of the idea. antonio20001, I don't understand why you feel the need to antagonize with phrases such as, "If you were a REAL ADMIN ...".
  3. Tap the Control key to re-show the nub. It's a bug that it's hiding it -- the functionality is still there. Also, I've fixed this for the 3.30 final release. The nub will re-show itself after a paste operation.
  4. One of the things I"m asking them is about how to set up the URL so that I can have it at http://www.getpaint.net/forum , while still having the hosting managed by them on their servers. (Is it possible? I don't know how this advanced web server stuff works ...)
  5. I'm not currently looking for translation of the website. I'm going to go ahead and close this topic for now.
  6. Oh I'm not worried that the IPB software allows it. I am just verifying with them that their managed hosting solutions can accommodate it: http://www.invisionpower.com/hosting/community.html
  7. $150 and then $25 every 6 months is basically free. What I want is a managed IPB installation plus the ability to use and customize my own advertising -- I need to contact them with my requirements
  8. That's not exactly the correct story You're talking about Open Source as defined by that website or by other political organizations. There's also "open source" as perceived by the public or defined by the media, which basically means "the thing is free of charge and there's source code too." In reality, there are various concrete terms that stem off of "open source", including community-developed software, and "released source" software, of which Paint.NET falls into the latter group. I never said there wasn't value. I was merely explaining my budgeting rationale for not implementing i
  9. Paint.NET uses GDI+ for loading TIFF images. I've often seen GDI+ map a lot of various errors over to "not enough memory". So GDI+ probably just doesn't know how to deal with 64-bpp TIFF's.
  10. No, not unsolicited ones. There have been occasions where I have gone and requested code from certain plugin authors so that I could release it with Paint.NET. Don't mistake the lack of a feature for "refusal". Paint.NET supports Tablet PC on Windows XP just fine. Awhile ago I volunteered to add the support for Wacom, etc., if someone would buy me a tablet, but nobody did. I can't write a feature for a specific piece of hardware if I don't actually have that hardware. At this point, adding extra code to support something that is only necessary in Windows XP is a losing battle. Day after day
  11. Right, I appreciate your intentions, it's just not something that can be done.
  12. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is performance. Yes, LZMA has better compression. However, it also takes a lot longer to achieve that. Do you want every image you work on that's larger than 800x600 to take 2 minutes to save?
  13. Sorry, but this is a violation of copyright, license, and the terms of service for the various content providers. You must shut down that website immediately. Having a multilingual website would, of course, be nice to have. There is just not any time or resources available for the maintenance of it.
  14. You want to remove the nub? How would you drag it around then ... I don't see why you'd want to do this.
  15. Hey iLikeMom, please read the rules -- particularly #6 -- to see why I'm locking this thread. Thanks. The Rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Closed
  16. Yeah you'd be surprised how often this comes up. I'm actually working on some isolation features so that I can run that dialog in a separate process. That way if it crashes, so what? Just rerun it in a safer view mode. Not the best but better than a meltdown like it has today.
  17. Please remember to use two very powerful and free tools at your disposal ... 1) The help file. Just press F1 in the application. It even has a search box. Or just go to http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/S ... Tools.html 2) Paint.NET Search: http://searchpaint.net
  18. Tap the Control key to re-show the nub. It's a bug that it's hiding it -- the functionality is still there.
  19. We can't do anything like this with the way the forums are being hosted by Forumer. Even then, this is a problem that solves itself over time as more people get away from dial-up, so I don't believe it would warrant much effort to solve it anyway.
  20. One of the things that HITMAN-X- suggested was using IP.Board, aka Invision Board or just "IPB", if a forum move was to actually take place. Right now the Paint.NET forums are using phpBB version 3. Here is the IP.Board website: http://www.invisionpower.com/community/board/ Who here has used both IPB and phpBB? What are your thoughts on the differences? Do you like IPB better, or phpBB? For those who moderate or administrate a forum, what has been your experience between the two? This is NOT a thread for discussing if the forum will be moved, nor any ancillary or logistical things like repu
  21. I'm betting that you're trying to use the same palette across all of your 8-bit images? If so, then Paint.NET may not be well suited for what you're doing. It will load your 8-bit image, convert it to 32-bit in memory, and then when you go to re-save at 8-bit it will generate a brand new palette based on the pixel colors. In other words, it does not keep track of the "incoming" palette and try to correlate that with the "outgoing" palette. Even if that palette contains the same colors that you're expecting (which will be the case if you are using 256 or fewer colors), they will probably be sto
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