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  1. Hey Hershey21, welcome to the forums. However, I need you to first read the rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 See #23. We're glad to help you to figure out how to do things, but please don't ask us to do it for you.Thread Closed
  2. Paint.NET does not require .NET 2.0 SP1. There are documented cases where the SP1 update will trash the .NET installation, and require a Repair. Paint.NET 4.0 will require .NET 3.5 SP1, which matches up with .NET 2.0 SP2, but all of that's a long ways off ...
  3. There is no "buffer overflow" bug; that is just the name for the error code that Windows returns when there is an insufficient buffer. Your security software is being over zealous. Please see this blog entry by Raymond Chen, who is a senior engineer at Microsoft: http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archi ... 55308.aspx . The issue is most likely caused by having your Desktop or Documents folders assigned to a "bizarre" location. Is the path very very long? I'm guessing it's on a network or something? Honestly, I'd recommend you not use that security software, or at least reconfigure it not to incorrectly step in on buffer overflow "errors". That said, there are some issues that have cropped up recently concerning our error handling for calls to SHGetFolderPathW, which are being fixed for the 3.32 release. I have no way of knowing if your security software will still try and block it though; it looks like its jumping in with fists and knives even before the error code gets passed back to my code.
  4. This handy little utility will let you check your RESX translation file before you publish it. You must have .NET 3.5 installed in order to use this. Please reply with any comments or questions. The program: http://www.getpaint.net/files/ResxCheck_3_30.zip The source code: http://www.getpaint.net/files/ResxCheck_3_30_src.zip ResxCheck v3.30.3033.25892 Copyright (C) 2008 dotPDN LLC, http://www.dotpdn.com/ Usage: ResxCheck.exe [[mui1.resx] [mui2.resx] [mui3.resx] ... [muiN.resx]] base.resx should be the original resx that is supplied by the developer or design team. mui1.resx through muiN.resx should be the translated resx files based off of base.resx. You may specify as many mui resx files as you would like to check. (You can also not specify any, and then only base.resx will be checked) TIP: You can specify a wildcard, such as *.resx This program will check for: * base.resx must not have any string defined more than once * base.resx must not have any strings with incorrect formatting tags, e.g. having a { but no closing }, or vice versa If any mui.resx files are specified, then these rules will also be checked: * mui.resx must not have any string defined more than once * mui.resx must have all the strings that base.resx defines * mui.resx must not have any strings defined that are not defined in base.resx * mui.resx must not have any strings with incorrect formatting tags, e.g. having a { but no closing }, or vice versa * mui.resx must not have any additional formatting tags, e.g. {2} Examples: ResxCheck.exe strings.resx Strings.DE.resx String.IT.resx String.JP.resx This will use strings.resx as the 'base', and then check the DE, IT, and JP translations to ensure they pass the constraints and rules described above. ResxCheck.exe strings.resx translations\*.resx This will use strings.resx as the 'base', and then all of the RESX files found in the translations directory will be validated against it.
  5. Has anyone purchased anything yet? I'm just trying to figure out what kind of schedule Cafepress has for their sales stats... right now it's showing zero across the board.
  6. I have a better solution. To defeat the expiration system, don't install a build that expires. What options? No. No. No. (You think people actually search before asking?) Then you learned your lesson: Beta versions are volatile.Beta versions expire. If you don't want the expiration, then don't install a beta version. I fail to see how you are failing to see the logic here. You're asking me to write a ton of code and instructions for the 2 people in the entire world who have the stupid idea of wanting to perpetually run a beta version of Paint.NET. The whole point of the expiration system is to make the build expire. I'm going to have a contest to see how many rolling eyeball smileys I can put in this post: Sweet. It looks like I won.
  7. And I'm sure you're an expert in the Paint.NET code base, and what it takes to design, develop, document, test, and ship a feature to a million users.
  8. The sticky post should help out, viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854
  9. %APPDATA% brings up the roaming appdata directory. That's the wrong one. Try %LOCALAPPDATA%. The directory is created the first time a history item is created.
  10. This is in place because I used to have people holding on to beta versions for SIX MONTHS OR MORE. It was stupid. I had one person reporting a bug in v2.1 Alpha 2, which was years old. People get into the habit of clicking past nag boxes. They don't even read them after awhile. This also discourages people from deploying or distributing alpha/beta versions to hundreds or thousands of users and further propogating the problem. There is absolutely no way I will be removing the expiration from non-final versions. They aren't trial versions in the sense that you'll have to pay for it eventually. They are trial versions in the sense that you aren't allowed to use them after a period of time. And they have a watermark on them that says "Recommended for testing purposes only." That's the worst idea ever. It would completely defeat the expiration system. If you don't want the expiration, then don't ever install a non-final build. End of story.
  11. There I was, dorking around on newegg, dreaming of having a Dual Quad-Core Xeon box with 16GB of RAM. I had all the parts sitting in the basket when suddenly I noticed... You'd think they'd allow a $600+ motherboard with $2000+ worth of processors to have a reasonable about of memory. Oh well, not like I was gonna buy it anyway I'm waiting for Nehalem.
  12. It may be hidden, but it's still accessible if you know the path (which I think I listed above). Just type in the path directly in to "Run"
  13. I have a hunch but I need some extra info first: Step 1 for XP: Click Start, then Run, then type %TEMP% and then enter Step 1 for Vista: Click the Windows pearl, then type %TEMP% and then enter Step 2: Find two files, PdnMsiInstall.log and PdnSetupNgenInstall.log Step 3: Copy the contents of both into a reply to this post. Use the [ code ] tag
  14. Oh! I guess I just assumed because any time I uploaded a PNG w/ transparency, it came up with a black background in the media basket thing.
  15. Yes. So it's a black rectangle with the icon, and logo in white text, on top of whatever color the shirt is. I don't think so ... they don't work well with PNG's that have transparency so you have to have a color. Their transparency color is white! And they don't/can't give you an RGB value that would work well as the background on the other colors
  16. I looked at the report and the screenshot. That's definitely not a Paint.NET bug. And I have absolutely no idea what they're referring to here.
  17. Yeah I like the calendar idea its just more than I can do from the bar on my iPhone. And bud light. And hot wings. They really need to stop playing 80s music though.
  18. Yah I added the journal, with a vertically centered logo. I want it flush bottom... But I'm at the bar on my iPhone so I can't change that right now. But yah to ahead and post a mockup of what you'd like.
  19. Ok I had my friend Brynn help me figure out placement and selection for the various logo/icon styles. I put up a dark shirt with the PDN logo on a black background. Tell me if you like it or have other preferences. I'll add the journal ... Which logo style is preferred for that? Icon only, logo, or logo+URL?
  20. This is a list of all the products you can get via CafePress: http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/?viewall=true Maybe there's some other fulfillment site that has a larger selection?
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