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  1. Oh, I was just making sure there wasn't a legitimate reason you would want it or ... something.
  2. You already posted this exact question two days earlier. Thread Closed
  3. You're misunderstanding the intent of the warning in the installer. There's nothing wrong with someone selling a copy of Paint.NET, you are correct. What we are trying to prevent is people purchasing Paint.NET from, say, an eBay auction and then unwittingly finding out that it is actually free software, and then feeling stupid at themself or mad at the seller or even us. You have every right to sell it a copy of Paint.NET on eBay, but then again the people who purchase it from you also have every right to know that they could've obtained it completely for free.
  4. The menu item is only hooked into effect plugins. It's called "plugin load errors" so that I could add file type stuff to it if I wanted to. File type plugins are actually not even discovered and loaded until the first time you use a Open or Save dialog.
  5. For comparison, here is how Radial Blur looks before and after the visual refresh of IndirectUI : And, I really like how it simplifies the look of even simpler dialogs such as Brightness & Contrast:
  6. Please note that this is a beta, and expires in 60 days on May 11th. You can get this by downloading it from the website, http://www.getpaint.net/ (no need to uninstall your current version, it will figure it all out for you), or via the built-in updater. For the latter, go to Help -> Check for Updates... and make sure you are set up to receive betas by clicking on the Options button and ensuring that "Also check for beta releases" is checked. Then close the dialogs and click on Help -> Check for Updates... again. Changes since Beta 1: * Changed: Most effects and adjustments, includi
  7. Hey DaniMomma2007, welcome to the forums! Please start by reading the rules, especially #6 which will tell you why I've locked this thread. Thanks. The rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Thread Closed
  8. Hmm.... editing a 16x16 icon on a 2560x1600 display ......... 8)
  9. Sometimes I'm not sure what the next public released version number will be, so I just add .01 or .02 in the meantime.
  10. Auto-updates does not pull down .NET Framework. It will pull down updates to .NET if you've already got it installed, however.
  11. You'll have to publish your code here for us to figure anything out.
  12. Paint.NET cannot create "interactive documents" ... and, for regular static images, it does not unfortunately have the ability to render a combobox (or other UI controls) into an image. Your best bet is to take screenshots and paste them together to create what you want.
  13. You shouldn't be writing into dstArgs in OnSetRenderInfo().
  14. Payment is $500,000 due in 5 easy payments of $99,999 and one really really difficult payment of $5.
  15. There's a whole forum dedicated to this... Moved to Effects Development
  16. Dang it. I'm borrowing this 30" Dell monitor from a friend to compare with my 24", and although I apparently have a dual-link DVI video card, I do not have a dual-link DVI cable. So I'm staring at 30" of 1280x800.
  17. The file was not saved properly -- it is truncated. In the debugger the error I see is, "ran out of data to decompress". Essentially, that PDN file is unusable and not recoverable.
  18. As a usability suggestion, I recommend doing what some other UI's I've seen do: they start out by drawing the text "Search ..." in a lighter color, in italics, inset in the text box. Then when you finally click on the text box it clears out.
  19. SetRenderInfo() is the public method, which then calls the protected and virtual OnSetRenderInfo(). But yeah an earlier build didn't have it split up like that.
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