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  1. The sticky post should help out, viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854
  2. %APPDATA% brings up the roaming appdata directory. That's the wrong one. Try %LOCALAPPDATA%. The directory is created the first time a history item is created.
  3. This is in place because I used to have people holding on to beta versions for SIX MONTHS OR MORE. It was stupid. I had one person reporting a bug in v2.1 Alpha 2, which was years old. People get into the habit of clicking past nag boxes. They don't even read them after awhile. This also discourages people from deploying or distributing alpha/beta versions to hundreds or thousands of users and further propogating the problem. There is absolutely no way I will be removing the expiration from non-final versions. They aren't trial versions in the sense that you'll have to pay for it eventuall
  4. There I was, dorking around on newegg, dreaming of having a Dual Quad-Core Xeon box with 16GB of RAM. I had all the parts sitting in the basket when suddenly I noticed... You'd think they'd allow a $600+ motherboard with $2000+ worth of processors to have a reasonable about of memory. Oh well, not like I was gonna buy it anyway I'm waiting for Nehalem.
  5. It may be hidden, but it's still accessible if you know the path (which I think I listed above). Just type in the path directly in to "Run"
  6. I have a hunch but I need some extra info first: Step 1 for XP: Click Start, then Run, then type %TEMP% and then enter Step 1 for Vista: Click the Windows pearl, then type %TEMP% and then enter Step 2: Find two files, PdnMsiInstall.log and PdnSetupNgenInstall.log Step 3: Copy the contents of both into a reply to this post. Use the [ code ] tag
  7. Oh! I guess I just assumed because any time I uploaded a PNG w/ transparency, it came up with a black background in the media basket thing.
  8. Yes. So it's a black rectangle with the icon, and logo in white text, on top of whatever color the shirt is. I don't think so ... they don't work well with PNG's that have transparency so you have to have a color. Their transparency color is white! And they don't/can't give you an RGB value that would work well as the background on the other colors
  9. I looked at the report and the screenshot. That's definitely not a Paint.NET bug. And I have absolutely no idea what they're referring to here.
  10. Yeah I like the calendar idea its just more than I can do from the bar on my iPhone. And bud light. And hot wings. They really need to stop playing 80s music though.
  11. Yah I added the journal, with a vertically centered logo. I want it flush bottom... But I'm at the bar on my iPhone so I can't change that right now. But yah to ahead and post a mockup of what you'd like.
  12. Ok I had my friend Brynn help me figure out placement and selection for the various logo/icon styles. I put up a dark shirt with the PDN logo on a black background. Tell me if you like it or have other preferences. I'll add the journal ... Which logo style is preferred for that? Icon only, logo, or logo+URL?
  13. This is a list of all the products you can get via CafePress: http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/?viewall=true Maybe there's some other fulfillment site that has a larger selection?
  14. Actually, is this what you were thinking of? They call it a "Golf Shirt." http://www.cafepress.com/paintdotnet.256846592 I only put the logo on the front, nothing on the back. Let me know if you want something different (like the logo+URL on the back, etc.)
  15. I just added 10-packs for stickers, magnets, buttons. And bumper stickers. Aso added the other white-colored shirts and sweatshirts, although I don't see any polos available. Hmm the only other item they have in "bags" looks like this. Only available in weird-yellow ... I'll keep digging, maybe their premium store has a better selection.
  16. By popular demand! http://www.cafepress.com/paintdotnet TIP: Search online for terms like "cafepress coupon" or "cafepress code" in order to find coupon codes. Right now (April 22nd 2008) you can get $5 off a $50 order. Here's one that seems to be a daily thing: http://www.cpcoupon.com/todays-coupon.asp I appreciate any feedback on things like product selection, etc. For instance, I can add 10-packs of buttons or stickers, and I think they are discounted, so if anyone wants me to add that just let me know.
  17. Ok check it out, the Paint.NET merchandise store is officially open! http://www.cafepress.com/paintdotnet Move the discussion over to the new thread though: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24051 (closing this thread)
  18. Please go through the sticky post with install/update/uninstall troubleshooting info: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854
  19. I thought digg links were for new articles? Do they have some sort of persistent link/bookmarking system? Anyway here's a PNG of what I'm currently working on to slap on a t-shirt, sticker, mug, etc:
  20. Doesn't mean Paint.NET couldn't start up "N" copies of the plugin renderer...
  21. Something's screwy with your hard drive :O Paint.NET is not able to create any files in the local application data directory. On XP this will be at C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Paint.NET. Maybe you should run chkdsk! You need to update.
  22. I actually created a CafePress account awhile ago, but never put any merchandise up on it. But yeah, for copyright purposes, the t-shirts would have to come from me
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