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  1. You still need to read the rules. "How do I..." isn't an allowed subject line. Yes, go read the rules! They aren't just "recommended reading" or whatever. Thanks. Thread Closed
  2. I would suggest using a different word. "Strangle" implies malicious intent. It's always good to have quick access to the complete context of a discussion. I'm listening and paying attention. No, it has nothing to do with that. The hidden forum was meant for me to be able to publish builds of Paint.NET to a small audience at a much higher frequency (sometimes several times a day). I don't want these builds showing up on public download mirrors! It is also useful for me to be able to test out not just the program, but new and changed things in the plugin model (such as IndirectUI, whic
  3. Nope, didn't see it. Maybe you could provide a link. I'm not sure why you think we're "strangling" you. I think you're approaching the presentation of your idea from the wrong perspective. So you basically just want to merge these 3 sections into 1? Plugin development is not "hidden," I don't know what you're talking about. Some of the others who have access to the hidden forum section have simply chosen to publish private test releases in there as well. We don't always want the full audience of testers; it's much more productive to start with a smaller audience and then expand it.
  4. Hmm, well, I don't know that "not possible" is the right phrase I think it's a matter of anything I'd do on 3.xx would have to be re-done for the 4.0 code base, so I'd rather just focus on writing it once for 4.0. Although for the Move tools, they are incredibly complex and so I'd rather not touch them at all! (A rewrite for 4.0 would be great)
  5. Right now if you need to open those large images that Paint.NET can't deal with, then sadly your best bet is to use The GIMP or Photoshop. Or, upgrade to 64-bit Windows, and use Paint.NET there. The limiting factor on your 32-bit system is the contiguous amount of virtual memory that is available for each process. This is regardless of how much physical memory you have installed.
  6. I do not use the forms designer to write the forms. They do not work in the forms designer if you try to load them there. This is not a bug.
  7. Hi Mystyque, welcome to the forums! Please read the rules first, though. Especially #6, which will tell you why I'm closing this thread. Thanks.
  8. I don't even use XP anymore, except with Virtual PC. I run Vista x64 -- so if it didn't work on Vista then that'd be really bizarre
  9. Yay for GDI+ ... what kind of a ridiculous error is that anyway ... (I'm venting at GDI+, not you) Can you post the crash log from 3.30 Beta 2? It includes some extra info in the crash log which may help (or it may not help, but hey it's worth a shot).
  10. Did you try CurrentUICulture? They are easy to get confused -- I always have to re-read the documentation to remember which is which.
  11. This is better than Paint.NET 4.0. My friend Kenneth has been playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero for way longer than I have and he's never been able to finish this song on Expert. I totally get to rub this in his face :twisted: :twisted:
  12. Hardest. Song. Ever. And I somehow managed to finish it!
  13. Hehe, I gotta do something for April 1st I was going for a "save the gimp!" but this fit perfectly. It's sitting on the gimp.org front page actually, as part of their April 1st gag.
  14. It already rotates. It just happens to rotate constantly at 2*pi*Hz radians per second, where Hz is the refresh rate of your monitor.
  15. No, security and safety still have a higher importance. I mean real features, not non-sequitors ("omg let's add File -> My Little Pony -> Yay!", um no) -- like think of all those features I've flat out said "no" to.
  16. Petitions never result in any action. Hey I know, let's start a petition to make sure the next President of the United States has to watch me eat a gallon of ice cream with gummi bears on it. It's just not gonna happen. BoltBait's leaving, so go get your bid in.
  17. BoltBait and I have been talking about this and we really do need a successor for his admin position. The high bid is still pyro's at around $4300 right? So, to sweeten the deal, if the bidding reaches $5,000 then the winner gets to specify 2 features that will then be guaranteed to be in Paint.NET 4.0. Choose carefully ...
  18. Press F1 and find the Clone Stamp in the index on the left side of the page.
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