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  1. Well let's not turn this into the nostalgic prices thread P.S. Back in my day, a pack of gum was a quarter!
  2. It's USD$3.80/gallon for premium/high-octane here, which is what half the cars (including mine, a 2004 BMW 325i) require. Sometimes it seems like everyone here drives BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus. Starting to see lots more Prius though; I wouldn't mind one myself. Last time I filled up I actually went with the medium gas in order to save some money. First time I've ever done that. Hopefully my car doesn't explode.
  3. I don't think you'll find many people in support of Bush anymore, especially not here in Washington state. Imagine how much better we'd be off if he cut the military budget by just 2% and took all of that money and threw it at the education system. I'm not happy having to pay $60 to fill up my gas tank -- even though it doesn't really affect me financially, it's a bit insulting. I have friends who make significantly more "normal" salaries and live on the other side of the bridge (520 that is), sometimes they can't hang out because they can't afford the gas.
  4. Please remember to post in the right section. Thanks. Moved to Effect/Development
  5. Please remember to post in the correct section of the forum. Moved to Troubleshooting
  6. This isn't the thread to be asking in. Please don't hijack threads like that.
  7. So I guess there's absolutely no chance of any real productive conversation coming from this thread, other than from HITMAN-X-.
  8. There are 3 terms that have very specific meanings and which are used pedantically here: filename, directory, and path. Filename: Bunnies.dll -- just the name of a file with no context as to "where" it is Directory: c:\projects\Bunnies\bin\Debug -- just the absolute, canonical name of a dir/folder Path: c:\projects\Bunnies\bin\Debug\Bunnies.dll -- filename with context as to which directory it's in
  9. Why is everyone still talking about post counts and reputation systems? I don't care about any of that, that's not what this discussion thread is for at all. Maybe next we should start talking about how many theme packs we should install and whether they should be Transformers or My Little Pony themed.
  10. You can create a plugin pack, you just have to get permission from the authors.
  11. No can do (well, without asking for lots of permissions). viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3151
  12. If I were hosting the forum myself I could set whatever values in the database I wanted. I could re-establish everyone's post count if I wanted to, but since it would be tedous I wouldn't. Forumer won't relinquish the database because otherwise they'd have a difficult time making money if any forum that grew to a certain size decided to go independent. It's a completely logical reason. My main concern here is actually not resetting content, as users will migrate that as necessary. Resetting the user database has some logistical problems, like if pyrochild (not to pick on anyone ) went and re
  13. Correction: install to C:\Program Files\Paint.NET (then copy to flash disk)
  14. Please give Forumer the benefit of the doubt, however. The problems were apparently due to problems in their datacenter (which they do not own or fully control). http://fhq.forumer.com/phpbb3-bug-repor ... place.html I'm less interested in hearing discussion about "yeah let's get rid of forumer and go independent! rah rah!" and more interested in discussion about the fact that the user database and content would essentially have to be completely started over. Also, if anyone has hosted and managed a phpBB forum before (not just administered one -- I mean installed, configured, updated, man
  15. In other news ... they're heeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee!!!!! (I took this picture outside of Seattle BMW last week)
  16. Hrmm. Went back to my 24" screen, and also grabbed a 20" that I lent out but that wasn't being used anymore. Problem is, it seems to be having some problems ... it's ... the image is twitching. Then the screen blanks out for a moment, then it comes back. Then it twitches ... I swear, every Viewsonic I've ever had has found some way to fail. Happens every time. I will never buy from them ever again.
  17. This is an installation problem that we've seen others report as well. Unfortunately we do not yet know the cause, nor the solution.
  18. What Paint.NET really needs is a plugin system that incorporates features for easing installation, organization, isolation (plugin crash = only crashes plugin, yes these still happen), updating, etc. I'm looking into this for 4.0, because if I do this in the 3.xx code base there are two problems: 1) I have to implement it twice because the effect and file type extensibility systems are totally different (I would unify this stuff for 4.0), 2) It pushes back work on 4.0 even more (I estimate that every hour I spend on 3.xx pushes 4.0 back by 2 hours). Honestly, the plugin system was originally
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