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  1. You only need 1 of those installed, generally just the latest. I think 4.x frameworks always replace earlier versions, they aren't "side-by-side" capable. I could be wrong though, it's been awhile since I poked around in that corner of the dungeon.
  2. Well it's good to hear it works -- one less ghost to chase down
  3. Make sure that you DO NOT distribute the PaintDotNet.*.DLLs . First, it's against the license. But, it will also completely break a Paint.NET install if it has a copy of those in the Effects folder. The app will try to load them as plugins and there ends up being 2 copies of important types loaded into the runtime and all heck breaks loose. Total meltdown.
  4. Also, since you're on 4.2.8+, you can run PdnRepair in an even easier manner: 1. Right click on the Start button and click on Run (or just press WinKey + R) 2. Type or copy+paste this in and then press enter: paintdotnet:/repair
  5. Yeah it's actually an installation bug that I fixed in 4.2.10 (IIRC). (it's not the update's fault, i.o.w.). Only happens on Win7, as far as I was able to tell.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is an Effect plugin, @TheDistur6edGuy
  7. Not a bad idea, and probably not too difficult to implement. I like it. But, just don't hold your breath -- a LOT of other stuff is much higher up in the priority list
  8. All effect config tokens should be binary serializable -- and marked with the [Serializable] attribute. This is used to implement "Effect -> Repeat", as well as re-populating an effect config dialog with its old values when you launch the same effect again. So ... all effect config tokens should be serializable already. Out of the box. Can't speak for plugins, obviously, but if they work with Effect->Repeat then it should be no problem.
  9. This may be a good time to look into using tools like chkdsk and sfc /scannow . You can find more info with a quick Google search (they're very common tools for this kind of stuff).
  10. Yup although this thread is 14 years old, so ... no real reason to post here anymore
  11. Paint.NET is not licensed for integration into your own custom software or solutions. You may not do this. https://www.getpaint.net/license.html
  12. The inches in the app are meant to represent the image's mapping from pixels to inches, if the image were to be printed. They don't necessarily correspond to inches on your monitor, unless the image's DPI is an exact match for your monitor's DPI. First the image is drawn with pixel-to-pixel mapping from the image to the screen. Then the measurement from the image's resolution (DPI) to inches (or centimeters) is performed and the ruler is drawn. The ruler does not correspond to the physical size of your monitor. In fact, there isn't any way for the app to accurately do this in the first place. "Dots Per Inch" has been a major misnomer since just a few minutes after it was incorrectly used for computer displays. It's never been correctly used that way, and that's why Windows now uses percentage scaling instead of "DPI". Same code, different vocabulary, but makes way more sense now.
  13. No. It's never had such an option. No, it wasn't. Nothing was removed.
  14. This is definitely not a bug in Paint.NET. Your system has something weirdly configured, and I've got no idea what it could be.
  15. You can re-run the installer and tell it to use a different location. It will uninstall and then reinstall in the desired location. It shouldn't be defaulting to the "x86" Program Files unless you're running it in some kind of forced compatibility mode.
  16. This does not happen for me. I use the Win10 screenshot thingy quite a lot. Is anyone else able to reproduce this?
  17. Sometimes the Store version needs to be restarted before it works with fonts that are installed per-user (that is, not "for all users"). It seems to be a bug with the Store's container/virtualization system (e.g. APPX).
  18. That should work. Sometimes auto-generated robo-spam can have the appearance of sophistication ...
  19. Umm, you can't just claim copyright on something posted by someone else over a year ago. Unless you provide something to back up your claim, I'm going to have to assume you're a robo-spammer and thus have to ban you. Edit: see below
  20. Do not put files into the "root" installation folder. That is the wrong way to do things. Those instructions are wrong.
  21. Yeah you'll need to be more detailed in your description of what's happening here and how to recreate it. A video can be really helpful.
  22. If you want to keep "photo fragments" of your work then you can just Edit -> Copy (Ctrl+C) and then Edit -> Paste into New Image (Ctrl+Alt+V), then save the file.
  23. You have sharpening on in the NVIDIA control panel somewhere. Or somewhere else. That's definitely what's happening. Latest version of PDN autofixes this, but I think you're still able to override it in the per-app settings. Maybe.