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  1. in attachment a sysinternals procmon logfile for paintdotnet.exe as almost every .NET application I know and use is portable if you have the right framework installed I would expect the same for paint.net and this was true for previous versions hope the logfile can help you guys pinpoint the issue grtz paintdotnet.zip
  2. previous versions of paint.net were more or less portable meaning you could take a copy of the install folder on a usb stick and start it up on any other pc with the necessary frameworks installed the latest versions have a dependency which I cannot resolve starting up paint.net on any pc triggers an error that VC 2008 SP1 redistributable is needed paint.net will try to repair this, a cmd window pops up and then nothing happened the error comes back the next time and the time after that,.... I know quite sure the VC 2008 SP1 runtime is installed because it is a runtime that is part of the standard workstation setup here what else could be the reason paint.net would throw this error?
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