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  1. Your FileType is given a Stream which is already opened to a file. If the user specifies "c:\Users\Name\Whatever.jpg" and you don't save anything to the stream you're given, then that file will end up being zero bytes. You'll end up littering the user's hard drive with all these worthless files and make a mess of things. What you're talking about is a blatant misuse of the file type plugin API.
  2. How do you think I feel with Paint.NET then ........ (I get tons of e-mails for feature suggestions)
  3. You should not be writing file type plugins that do not save to files. Also, Moved to File Format API / Programming ...
  4. I'm not fixing that. Like you stated in your post, it is a limitation GDI+. So, this will remain until or if I change renderers.
  5. You'll have to show us the picture you're trying to resize
  6. Just use "Best Quality" in the Resize dialog. It will automatically pick the best method, which for minification (big->small) is Super Sampling.
  7. I'm completely perplexed how you went from Paint.NET to writing HTML code.
  8. For two pass effects of (1) analysis and (2) rendering, it is most appropriate to do the first pass in OnSetRenderInfo().
  9. Plus they make tons of cash on concert ticket sales, etc. The album music is really just a way to build a fan base of customers who buy concert tickets, t-shirts, and other "non-pirateable" goods. Now, the way I describe this sounds underhanded, but I promise it isn't
  10. You probably have some corrupt fonts -- especially, the built-in fonts that come with Windows (esp. Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, etc.). You should try copying them from another computer running the same version of Windows.
  11. What are you trying to do? Why do you need to force a re-render when the user clicks OK? The rendering workflow is automatically handled by the effect hosting system. If the token doesn't change as a result of clicking OK, then there's really no reason to do any re-rendering.
  12. Visual C# Express is free ... it should work fine for developing plugins. http://www.microsoft.com/express/product/default.aspx (VB Express, etc. are also free)
  13. Now do you see why I developed and highly recommend IndirectUI instead of all this WinForms stuff?
  14. Yes. It's just a lot of pixels to process.
  15. Wow, Focal Point @ Quality=3 on a 7MP image even makes my QX6700 cry a little ... (Core 2 quad-core 2.66ghz). Took about 23 minutes of CPU time as reported by Task Manager, which divided by 4 is about 5m:45s human time (divide by 4 because of 4 CPU cores each doing roughly equal work). Cool stuff, definitely needs perf work though
  16. Hi likigoldenstar, welcome to the forums. Please read the rules, especially #6. Thread Closed The rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446
  17. I highly recommend Visual Studio. It's all I've used for about the last 9 years. Well, almost. There was a brief stint where I used some Java-based IDE for some homework in my Comp. Sci. 400-something "Compilers" class, but that's about it. And it sucked (the IDE).
  18. I was just looking at this in the debugger. Looks like a precision problem, where the angle you set is 90 degrees but actually ends up being computed to be just slightly more than 90 degrees. Like 90.0000000000000001 or something. In any case, an 'x' variables ends up computing to -0.0000000000000018369095307335659 instead of straight 0, which is then treated as "out of bounds" and so it doesn't contribute to some of the sampling that's being done. Probably just have to live with it ... or try rotating 90 degrees (Image->Rotate), do your motion blur at a -90 offset, then rotate by -90 degr
  19. By popular demand... (currently in private testing... will be in the next beta update for all to use though) (also, adding the color wheel to Bulge is just for show, it isn't actually using it) (and yes, because this is IndirectUI, even file type UI can use this ... not sure why you'd want to, but hey I"m not one to judge )
  20. No. As I stated above, my recommendation is to make a copy of the control's code and to put that into your project. P.S. It's "IndirectUI", not DirectUI... the latter is actually a Windows-internal UI toolkit
  21. Clearly an IndirectUI color picker is much more important than it was, especially now that the code is marked internal. I'll look in to it.
  22. Right, the real discussion I'm trying to get going here is not about the music. It's about the business model. Traditionally, record labels made money by selling physical copies of recordings. With rampant online piracy derived from zero-cost duplication and ever increasing storage and network capacity, this is heading towards zero profitability. Nobody wants to buy CD's if they can download the mp3 for free and not get into trouble. DRM-ified music is pissing everyone off because you buy it and then 6 months later your computer crashes and you lose the music you paid for. At least if I lose
  23. This is a bug in the installer for 3.22. If you install the beta for 3.30, it will work just fine. Alternately, if you are not comfortable installing a beta, you can simply install 3.22 to the default location and then re-run the installer and tell it where you really want it to be installed.
  24. What are you talking about? How is this Paint.NET related at all? Please tell me how this is related to Paint.NET at all, or I'm simply going to have to close this thread ...
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