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  1. http://ghosts.nin.com Interesting to see what Trent is doing now that he's out of his record label contract. He's fully embracing free online distribution -- you can copy and remix the music all you want, as long as you give proper attribution (i.o.w. don't claim it as your own or remove his copyright) and don't make money off it. He's finding other ways of adding or creating value in order to make money, such as being able to order the CD's or a Blu-ray along with a sweet box/case and art book. Seem similar to the license for any software you might be using? Sounds to me like he's embraci
  2. Hi sambrennan, welcome to the forums. Please read the rules though, especially #6 that deals with making sure your topic is more specific. The rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Thanks. Thread Closed
  3. Umm, holy necroposting. Thread Closed
  4. This plugin is incompatible with the newer version. Pyrochild (the author) is planning to have an update by the time the final release of 3.30 is ready.
  5. Please remember to post in the correct section of the forum. Thanks. Also, see this, viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854 Moved to Troubleshooting
  6. Paint.NET's installer uses NSIS for packaging/self-extraction, my own custom C#/WinForms code for the setup wizard/front-end, and it's then based on using Windows Installer/MSI to do the actual installation transaction.
  7. Please direct your question to the appropriate thread in the Plugins section. Posterize is part of Ed Harvey's plugins pack. Thread Closed
  8. I was not claiming you did. When I said "I heard somewhere that scriptlab-style functionality will eventually be built in", I was referring to: which came from here. If it is not true that "scripting and recorded actions" is on the roadmap (I have no idea one way or another) then that is too bad, because I think it is a fantastic idea, but anyway, that is where I heard it. I think the confusion lies in the way I've worded 4.0 on the roadmap. I used the phrase, "Over the lifetime of the 4.xx releases, these core design and architecture changes should enable such features as...". The work
  9. It's what lets you avoid writing complicated WinForms code in order to write certain types of effect config UI. It's a replacement for the very inflexible "1, 2, or 3 Sliders" configuration dialogs.
  10. This is a new change in v3.30 -- all the code that is in PaintDotNet.exe is now marked as internal. This will break any plugin that was referencing this code, which is something that was not supposed to be allowed anyway. However, no hard feelings -- as it turns out, in Visual Studio 2003 you couldn't do this because the IDE would not let you add an EXE as a reference. So I never marked this code as "internal". In 2005 this was changed, but I did not realize it for quite some time and still never marked things as internal. Also, I have never published any comprehensive documentation for plugin
  11. Admin isn't required. There is something wrong with the permissions on that registry key. Do a search for "Access to the registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Paint.NET' is denied" (or variations). I'm pretty sure this has been solved before.
  12. The author of Drop Shadow will need to publish an update. Plugins are no longer allowed to reference classes inside of PaintDotNet.exe (they weren't really supposed to before 3.30 either, but there was nothing preventing them, nor any documentation warning against it).
  13. Please post the error details. (we aren't psychic unfortunately)
  14. Please report this in the thread for this plugin. An update to the plugin will need to be released. Thread Closed
  15. That's to be expected. ScriptLab does some rather ... unsupported ... things. Pyrochild himself states that compatibility between versions of Paint.NET is neither promised nor even expected.
  16. This is fixed in v3.30 -- of which the beta was just released last night. http://www.getpaint.net/download.html
  17. I should elaborate more on this. I do not have any built-in file types that need this capability, and so it would not be responsible for me to have extensibility that I can't reasonably test. For 4.0, I will probably need this though, e.g. for JPEG XR / HD Photo / whatever it's called. For 4.0, it's also looking like all file type plugins will need to be rewritten to a new system anyway. The system in 3.xx is honestly not very good, and causes many problems with the 4.0 architecture.
  18. I think everyone just needs two shots of whiskey first. Then we'll all be in a much lighter mood. All I got is vodka though, blech. And Bud Light.
  19. I am not adding the ability to have a "load configuration" UI yet. As for EventArgs, you will need to publish an update for Curves+ -- no doubt you would need to anyway though because of all the other changes.
  20. Alright, here we go: finally a new update to Paint.NET! Please note that this is a beta, and expires in 60 days on April 28th. You can get this by downloading it from the website, http://www.getpaint.net/ (no need to uninstall your current version, it will figure it all out for you), or via the built-in updater. For the latter, go to Help -> Check for Updates... and make sure you are set up to receive betas by clicking on the Options button and ensuring that "Also check for beta relases" is checked. Then close the dialogs and click on Help -> Check for Updates... again. The most notable
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