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  1. Good to know, thanks. I'll keep that in mind for others who report this error. Maybe the installer can even auto-start the service if it's disabled/stopped.
  2. To catch up on this -- the exception reported there is informational, it isn't the cause of any failure. If Paint.NET can't delete the reg key, it doesn't care, but it still reports the error to the log file.
  3. Yeah it's just statistics. Any time there's an update, there's a corresponding flood of people installing it. The number of errors that are encountered in a given time period is proportional to the number of installations during that time period. For example, let's say 10 people install Paint.NET brand new every week, with an average error rate of 1%. By week 100, that means that 1000 people have installed it and 10 have failed to install it at some random point during those 100 weeks. Now, let's say that at week 101 there is an update ... that means we get the 10 "new" installers and the 990
  4. That sends a report to Microsoft, not to me. Try running a repair of the .NET Framework, as that type of error only comes up if it has major problems loading Paint.NET.
  5. No. It's proof that you should just use the uninstaller instead of blasting away files like that.
  6. Seeing as how this is not a programming/development question but more of a feature ask ... Moved to General Discussion
  7. Now if only I could figure out how to upload new smilies to phpBB3:
  8. Who said they're in the wrong order? One of the difficulties with this stuff is, actually, ordering. How do you make sure that if you sent out data in 1,2,3 order that it gets received, dispatched, and handled in that order as well? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. Asynchronous programming = :shock: :twisted: 8) :x :shock: Very cool, interesting, surprising, amazing, scary, crazy stuff.
  10. Hi niemira1551, welcome to the forums! However, please read the rules, especially #6, to see why I've closed this thread. Thanks. The rules: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Thread Closed
  11. Thankfully, I make the rules instead of you. They are not stupid; each one was made to address specific problems that we either had here, or have seen elsewhere (on other forums). Thread Closed
  12. This has been fixed for awhile. Like david.atwell said, you must have the latest version. There's a good reason for that requirement here.
  13. Organizer for what? What does "what" refer to in your sentence? What does "where" refer to? Where are you making categories? What is the context of your statement?!
  14. See, c'mon man, there's usually a method to my madness :twisted:
  15. The To/From Opaque functions were really only added for use with the IndirectUI color wheel control. The reason it requires an alpha value of 255 is because that is the only unambiguous case for conversion. If alpha is 128, then there are different methods of transforming the R,G,B values ... do you pre-multiply or not, etc.? The end result is an opaque color but may not be the one that was desired. By requiring A=255, there is simply no ambiguity. If you need a different conversion method, it is easy enough to implement it yourself.
  16. This is already fixed in 3.30. Please make sure you are always running the latest version of Paint.NET.
  17. I'm confused ... can't this be done in Paint.NET already using the Fixed Size selection mode? Set it to 700x500 pixels, drag to the area you want, then press Ctrl+Shift+X to crop. Done?
  18. Wrong. It is offering 3.30. Your browser is caching the older version of the page, just hit Refresh.
  19. Thanks for the screenshots, glaubersm. There are some older parts of the UI that don't gracefully handle these situations. One of the reasons I developed the IndirectUI system for effects is that I wanted to eventually use it for other parts of the UI -- and it will handle all of this stuff perfectly with no extra effort on my part
  20. Paint.NET doesn't have any code in it that changes your UAC settings. That's a fact. You're better off turning off the UAC prompts and having it auto-elevate, than you are by turning off UAC entirely. Allowing your web browser to run with administrator privileges is equivalent to you begging to have your computer destroyed by viruses. I'm not exaggerating.
  21. Why are you disabling UAC? That's one of the absolute worst and most stupid security changes you can can make on a Vista system.
  22. Where is your "Pictures" folder located? Click on the start menu pearl, then on Pictures on the right side of the start menu.
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