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  1. Hi Rick, I put all updates I could find incluging ATL 4148 but no joy. There must be something wrong with the MSI, I then installed the download single EXE version and after installation it worked??? Why??? I did a comparison before and after installation download below if it will help you Thanks
  2. Hi, I have created a MSI the way described on the PDN website, deployed it on our computers. Wont run got error related to dotnet framework So having installed 3.5sp1 and dotnet 4 client we now have a new problem: "Microsoft Visual C++ files are missing" So we installed C++ 2005 sp1 redist, then 2008 sp1 redist then 2010 redist. No luck!!! Why offer the ability to create an MSI package if you cant install it and run it!! especially after installing all the frameworks and VC++... Oh, Windows 7 Professional is the OS... PDNRepair dont fix problem either!! Thanks
  3. Hi Rick, Just found that when you load in an image and click on "Save As" it doesnt remeber the location of the where the original image is from. It only remembers the previous directory I was in. This was not the case in 3.5.2 if I loaded up 10 images each time it comes to "save as" it remembers the file path of each loaded image. I wait in ernist for 3.5.4 to fix this problem!!