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  1. I'm new to photo manipulation and are doing some simple jpeg cropping using the rectangular select tool and resizing according to what i wish to crop. I'm however a bit baffled because after i select the area to crop, paste into a new image and save it as jpeg with 90% quality the images occasionally come out bigger then the larger original image. Why is this? And how can i make it so they come out smaller.
  2. is there a Hqx scaling plugin for paint.net ? or something similar, since there quite a few under different name but i couldnt find any of those i know in the repository thanks
  3. Thanks for the update jxp! This Filetype Plugin of yours should be part of PDN. Oh! While using your Plugin, I came across a bug (error). Here is a simple way to reproduce it: 1) Set the size of a blank canvas (doesn't have to be blank, the bug shows up either way) to "256 x 384". (I haven't tried other sizes, but I'm sure the bug might show up again in a different resolution.) 2) Click "File > Save As..." 3) Use any "Low color" Save as type. I used "Bitmap (Low color) (*.bmp)". Now, in the Save Configuration window, there is no preview of the image. And at the top where it norma
  4. Hi jxp. When I save an image with the new 16-bit option for BMP, in the "Summary" area of the BMP file Properties (when you right-click the file and select Properties), the Property of the "Bit Depth" Value is 32. The Bit Depth of the BMP file that I am trying to get, shows up in the Summary section of the Properties as a Value of 16, exactly like when you would save a BMP file in Photoshop when you select (the radio button) 16 as the type of output file.
  5. Hey jxp, when I first saw this filetype plugin, I thought it would finally be possible to save "16 Bit Depth" value BMP files with PDN... but I quickly realized that I couldn't, I could only get a "4 Bit Depth" value when saving a BMP. Would it be possible to add an option to your filetype plugin that would allow the user to save BMP images with a "16 Bit Depth" value? If so, this would be great, Thanks!
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