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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Edited my previous post, the diagonal lines indeed look better now. I was also wrong with the exact filling style, because I'm using the dutch version of Paint.NET, so I had to kind of 'guess' the translation :)

Anyway, it looks better now. Thanks for the tutorial!

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Planets Collision


how it was done,

It has four layers


First Layer: black&white diagonal gradient, tile reflection, bulge (see plug-ins) and sharpen

properties: lighten, semi-transparent

Second Layer:(exploding star jpeg)

line it up with the impact point

properties: additive, semi-transparent

Third Layer:(orbital view of earth jpeg)

cut out background

properties: opaque

Fourth Layer:(long shot of earth jpeg)

cut out background, gaussian blur rough edges, invert colours

properties: opaque

finishing off:

fine tune transparency

apply glow to Layer 2

repeat glow to increase explosion effect



For the animation I flattened half a dozen frames, each with a repetition of glow on layer 2, and loaded them into ImageToAVI (freeware utility, makes movie from images).

Then I slo-moed and aged it in windows moviemaker

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Is it over? Well, seeming as to how this period of nonsensical mathematics is gone, I would like to share my feelings about said period in the form of Portable Network Graphics.


EDIT: Noticing the post above me and not wanting to repost, Neat! What is the other planet supposed to be?

EDIT 2: Oh. It is an inverse Earth. Well, I would scrutinize technicalities, yet I cannot. Nice work.

EDIT 3: And I could have noticed it were Earth had I read and not stared at the pictures. :roll:


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Well, I mainly use this program for use online. Here is a logo i made for my website called Melting Molemans.

Here it is:


note: if you visit the site then this logo will not be on there, we are moving so I am not going to do any stuff I don't need to.

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Man, I sure haven't been here in a long time. But yeeesh! What a pic. Chris, that desktop background sure is pretty BAMF (consult Dane Cook). Anyways, I don't have much to offer... except this desktop background I made from this picture that I <3 a lot.

I temporarily used The GIMP (heresy!) and then realized why I used Paint.NET in the first place. It doesn't have a retarded interface, it's challenging and fun to sort of work out how to do something in Paint.NET that other programs can do natively, new features are so much more rewarding, it's free, it's light, and it's got one hell of a community. :D

Note: I didn't make the knives or the "Choose your lifestyle" phrase. I simply found this freakin' awesome pic (and promptly made a desktop). Because it's true. Mahahaaa!


Photobucket - Blog

Newest Film: Beowulf (Feel free to PM me comments, criticisms)

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I've been searching for the meaning of BAMF for the last 30 minutes. Seriously, I ended up on Dane Cook's website, his myspace, the myspace of his friends list, all in the attempt to find what it meant. I am working on some more pics right now that I should be able to post up in the next few days.

If you're not into numbers, call me Chris!

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