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  1. Animator-9 supports jpeg import you can get it here http://www.vvcool.com/animator9/
  2. Planets Collision how it was done, It has four layers First Layer: black&white diagonal gradient, tile reflection, bulge (see plug-ins) and sharpen properties: lighten, semi-transparent Second Layer:(exploding star jpeg) line it up with the impact point properties: additive, semi-transparent Third Layer:(orbital view of earth jpeg) cut out background properties: opaque Fourth Layer:(long shot of earth jpeg) cut out background, gaussian blur rough edges, invert colours properties: opaque finishing off: fine tune transparency apply glow to Layer 2 repeat glow to increase explosion effect Animation For the animation I flattened half a dozen frames, each with a repetition of glow on layer 2, and loaded them into ImageToAVI (freeware utility, makes movie from images). Then I slo-moed and aged it in windows moviemaker
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