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  1. Why would you want to have so many fonts? Imagine you would have all the fonts from http://www.dafont.com, that are around 8500 fonts. (1) It would slow down your system immensely. I don't know how long it takes to load a font, but I believe loading 8500 fonts will cost a disturbingly long time (2) At 70kB per font file, and in general 2 or 3 font files per font (bold, cursive, etc.), this is almost 1.5GB of fonts. Personally, I know better uses for my bandwidth and storage... (3) If you use 2 new fonts every day, which is very unlikely, you will need over 11 years to use all these fonts. (4) Don't overestimate the importance of fonts. Everyone involved in graphics editing or webdesign will tell you the same: having too many fonts in one image/website gives an unprofessional impression. Moreover, you can do almost everything with the basic fonts you already have. In the maybe 5 years I've been doing things like this, I have downloaded maybe 10 fonts (like 1 gothic font, 1 eroded font, 1 lcd-digits font etc.).
  2. @Botd: you're welcome True, but "same pay" is more a communist vision, not socialist. Of course a brain surgeon earns more than a rubbish collector, he has studied many years for it, and they have a lot of responsibility. But imagine that the rubbish collector gets sick, let's say he gets cancer, requiring expensive medicins and operations. He can't pay that with his rubbish collector wage, even though he has worked his entire life picking up other's people trash. Then isn't it logical that the brain surgeon has to give a part of his wage to the rubbish collector to get a cure? From a European point of view, I am not a socialist (e.g., I have doubts about the right to start a strike, early retirements, etc.). But I am happy that our health care system here in Europe is based on socialist principles. [edit] I think Bobofthedead can say this way better than I can
  3. Ah, Americans If you guys call Obama/Democrats socialist, you should come to Europe and see what socialism really is. Anyway, I am glad Obama won. Various things from McCain's program, like the so called 'sacred' duty to protect the rights from the second amendment, are just completely absurd from a European point of view. And personally, I am a great supporter for more rights for homosexual couples.
  4. I'm afraid the poll is not really going to help you decide
  5. I cannot wait for my laptop to be delivered, so... I know I cheated, it's not entirely pixel art :wink: I should probably add more shadow etc, but I'm too lazy
  6. Okay, my German isn't very good (although I learned it three years in school), so I'll give it a try with pictures... This is how a transparant sphere would look like: But the force field is not a sphere, but just a shell, so it would look like: As you can see the darker part is on the outside, not on the inside. Now for the forcefield you can do the same but with a color you like. @BoltBait: I guess that's the most useful phrase in German
  7. It looks more realistic if the outline of the forcefield has a higher opacity than the middle part, since it is a shell and not a filled sphere.
  8. First, if this is implemented, I would like to have the possibility switch it off. I don't like computers telling me how to write. Second, ever thought about people who don't speak English? Are you going to implement a spell check for French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Swahili?
  9. Then I must have misunderstood your question. Excuse me. I'm not a native English speaker
  10. Rejoice! This is a popular and therefore planned feature for version 3.x0! More of this can be found in the "popular feature request"-thread.
  11. Welcome to the forums, carpoxx. Here you can read more about adding pictures in your post: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6270 This will probably also solve the blurry problem, since you have to compress the picture a lot if you want to add it using the built-in attachment function of the forum. Anyway, I like it. It's... original.
  12. Hi AngelOhhSeven, Welcome to the forums! This link will probably help you: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6270 edit: In the future, you might use http://www.searchpaint.net. It's a very useful search tool and a lot better than the built-in search function of the forum.
  13. Draw a white box in a new layer. Lower the opacity of that layer to the desired value (layer -> properties). Is that what you mean? edit: damn, too late What he said!
  14. At the moment I'm working for school :wink: , but tonight (I don't know where you live, here it's almost 2pm) I'll try to finish it. Especially the inside, the lighting on the sphere is something more basic, and shouldn't give you a lot of problems.
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