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The Pictorium! Post your created or edited images here!


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Nice image trickman, hooray for you making the 400th post in the pictorium! ;) In regards to your background, from what I've found, if you use the same colors throughout your image it will make it look considerably better. I advise you make a red/white/black background. If you'd like I'll make one for you, but I'm sure you'd prefer to make it yourself! :D

If you're not into numbers, call me Chris!

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I made a sonic background, but forgot to change the size of it, and if i resize it to fit my screen the screenshots and sonic would be like, strange looking... so i resized to look like a simple image.

Bah, I can retry it...


Anyways, it looks like CMD sig because it has the same screenshot in it... I'm willing to buy a PS3 with this game in the background. *waiting till november* :oops:

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