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  1. you you can go to like 1001freefonts.com, free-fonts.com.. use google :wink: and if you didnt know,, to install fonts, go to C:\WINDOWS\fonts and click file>install new font.
  2. Yea thats a cool idea. and it could work, too! right click on the image and go to properties there will be a line that says "Opens With:_____ Change" click on change. then browse for Paint.NET. once you find it, click on the checked box i've selected, so that type of file (JPEG, PND, etc.) always gets opened with Paint.NET hehe just figured out how to take screenshot i dont know if that is what you wanted, but now if you click on an image, or right click and go to Edit, it opens it in Paint.NET.
  3. if you want to see the image between the zig zags, try this. click on the secondary color. click on more>> change the transparancy-alpha to 0.
  4. wow, thats really good! i like it. great job! -lol i like your sig too
  5. there are 2 ways you can do this: 1. go to layers and change the opacity 2. choose your color and click "More>>" on the color wheel. then change the Transparancy-Alpha.
  6. go to the plug in section of this forum http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewforum.php?f=16 click on a plug in you like to use. download it. these plug ins are zip files, so you have to unzip them and then take the .dll file out of the extracted file and put it in effects under the Paint.NET folder (C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\effects)
  7. if you want to erase part of the second layer, the rectangles, then you need to click on layer 2 to select it. see, in this picture, you selected background. all you have to do is click on "layer 2" in the layers window, and then you can delete the rectangles.
  8. lol,, i never knew i had people in my sig 0_o. you guys have good eyes, i would have never noticed that :o Edit: look at scary sig people! look at person far left. you can see a face and an arm! :shock: ahhhhh scary. lol
  9. im kinda new to Paint.NET, but here is something i've done. look at sig
  10. that font is awesome! nice sig, also.
  11. OMG thanks so much, this had me totally lost too, lol. no problem
  12. ok,, go to window>tools, if it is not already up there. on the far left, there should be a tool bar. at the bottom of the tool bar, there will be 2 big squares and 2 little squares, for the color. if you look above that, there should be a blue bar. that is the tolerence bar. click and drag to whatever you like
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