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  1. I'm not sure how many of the new(ish/er) people will know who I am but I used to come on here quite often! Okay, so a few of me.. Rockin' the make-up Spending some time in the Mushroom Kingdom (Okay, art exhibition..) There you are, me!
  2. KaZAAM You now have unlimited downloads! But your speed is 14kbps.. I wish that I was 13_15_4_14_1_18, oh wait I wish that I came up with an idea on how to be invisible that was practical and had no flaws.
  3. Nooooooooooo my secret But what impressed me about Illnab1024 is that I never told anyone it was a code or anything.. he just said one day ".. I finally worked out your name, Random" - it was all very James bond! Which reminds me... where is the old Pictorium?
  4. I think the fact that you remember a string of numbers as a certain person is when you know you're addicted to the PDN forum? :wink: I've been great, just doing a lot of stuff that meant less forum time I designed skateboards, hey! Hopefully some more time shall be spent back in this lovely place! Oh, to keep on topic: .... when you call the PDN forum a "lovely place"
  5. I think it was Illnab10..24...? that worked my username out. I shall leave it a mystery. 8)
  6. ... you see "CMD" on the license plate of a car and think of this guy called Dan (Heh, happens all the time)
  7. LOL!! I love penspinning, it's awesome, its useful in class. I never knew it was "penspinning" I just used to (okay, still do ) do it!
  8. Oh! Look at this! I've been away for months and I'm still being talked about! I've been gone for some time now but since then I have gotten accepted into an academy for digital art and I'd just like to thank everyone on these forums because if it wasn't for you guys being so supportive and being such great inspirations to me I would have never gotten here. So, thankyou! But to keep on topic.. (sorry Rick ) Nice images here, everyone has definatly been improving! I must get back into some PDN stuff soon! ~13_15_4_14_1_18
  9. Hey guys.. I haven't posted here in a long time. So many new people which is good to see. I had a play around in PDN this afternoon, with this as the result: I know the symbol barely stands out but it was the idea of having it duplicated & glowing that I liked.
  10. 40 oz. to freedom -Sublime & The faint of Heart -Coheed & Cambria both bands have been mentioned already
  11. Well, I think it's been long enough to do the second lot of people. Chris
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