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  1. OMG! i have game maker registered and RPG maker postality knights edition too! that doesnt cost anything!!! i also got the normal RPG maker trial so i could get the help file!
  2. No, i am making it in a program called RPG Maker! I have Game Maker too!
  3. Hi people! I cant look at many images cos my internet is going really slow cos I am downloading Linux (it's going to be my 3rd version, lol)! I just made a logo for a game that I am working on that is like Mario & Luigi games! It's called Ethan & Andy: Off The Wall! Here it is:
  4. Well, I mainly use this program for use online. Here is a logo i made for my website called Melting Molemans. Here it is: note: if you visit the site then this logo will not be on there, we are moving so I am not going to do any stuff I don't need to.
  5. oh, ill remove it.BUT, i made it with paint.net! please tell me if that changes your mind! i like the program for wot isnt microsoft by the way!
  6. I love wot was MEANT to be wot this tutorial was about! i would like to use those buttons on a website! I make ALL my images in Paint.NET, i love it!!!
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