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Share Your Custom Paint.NET Brushes

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Can you please post it as a zip file? I personally have a rar extractor but zip comes with Windows and many people just have that.

Sorry, added.

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These 3 are converted from GIMP 2.4 brushes and work perfectly. Vine, Fire and Pepper.

EDIT: I have just about converted all of them to PNG, so I will upload an archive at some point that contains all of them from GIMP (except the .vbr files). If anybody knows how to convert them, let me know.




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Here are 10 tested and working GIMP brushes. Open with 7-Zip. I will do more later.

EDIT: Added ZIP archive as an alternative to 7z as suggested by pyrochild. Both archives contain the same 10 brushes.

Most of the other GIMP brushes contain multiple brushes because they are animated. I could extract them, but it would be pretty pointless without the animation functionality.

Custom Brushes.7z

Custom Brushes.zip

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DaveD: You really should use ZIP format, as it's nearly ubiquitous. Yes, 7z is a far superior format, but the fact remains that many people have never heard of it. And I don't know about you, but know that I hate when I have to go hunting for some new program just so I can open a single file.


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