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  1. So I searched the forum, and I believe someone had this issue before, but did not see a solution. Scriptlab crashes saying there is a key already there or something to that effect. I have a portable version I installed later, in which it works. when I tried to load a script, it said error loading script. Any suggestions on how to fix these errors? Thanks in advance. Startreksuite
  2. Ok doughty, I found the tutorial in my archive! It's from back in 2007. If it's not a huge deal I can repost if that's ok can't seem to paste, so here's the attachment Simple Snowflakes.doc
  3. You've found two great plugins. Thanks for pointing these out. Now I'm positive it was a tutorial for either a snowflake or star. I'll have to really dig through my archive to find some samples and possibly the tutorial. Your suggestions would be great for a christmas card, which I thinking about making.
  4. thanks! but It's hard to articulate, It is similar to the glitter plugin. It didn't necessarily look like a drawn star or snowflake. I was done on a black background and was white. similar to a lens flare effect. I feel like it was a tutorial now. It's probably a plugin that has another use. Glitter is good for this. I'll have to keep looking.
  5. Hello everyone! It's been a few years since I've been on this forum. I remember that there was a tutorial for a snowflake. It isn't the Koch snowflake, but similar to the starry plugin. I have lost any screenshots of it, but if anyone knows it, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. happiness!I can watch dr. who on demand even though i don't get bbc america!
  7. I celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary saturday! Went to the local sony store and checked out a 3d tv with the glasses! Cool! But the LCD I just recently bought is now obsolete! Oh well!
  8. Open Office can't open docs with certain columns correctly. Kingsoft Office 2007! Tabbed interface!
  9. Just went to wake up the earth festival with my 16 month old, and got to see some cool exhibits. Then went to my local comic book store, since it was Free Comic Book Day, and picked up a free one for me and him, and three issues of "Do Androids Dream.." which are hard to find! And the weather was beautiful! The last three years it rained! And I successfully installed my wireless internet without shelling out $50!
  10. And unfortunately I did get that channel until I cut down my digital package. Doesn't seem worth it to spend an extra $10 a month for one show! I'm really ticked at SCYFY for being too cheap to pay for this season! I'll have to view via online sources. It'll be fine since I'm the only one watching it at home!
  11. What channel was it on? I have been hoping it will be on the SCI FI channel! I can't get BBC America! I'll get it off the web otherwise.
  12. Great episodes, made the show even more compelling. And best yet, we finally see aliens!
  13. Well, if it was in Boston, I'd go! So hard to do stuff when you have a one year old!
  14. Awesome show. Doctor Who coming back to be seen in the US, Stargate Universe is back, Warehouse 13 coming back in July
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