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  1. Can you please post it as a zip file? I personally have a rar extractor but zip comes with Windows and many people just have that. Sorry, added.
  2. Rain and Snowflakes. The snowflakes are from http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/060113/060113_snowflake_stamps_11a.widec.jpg The raindrop is rainsnowflakebrushes.rar rainsnowflakebrushes.zip
  3. I was LOLing at the names he picked for his spamming bots but I was like O_O at the sure volume of the number of posts.
  4. I love physics. I also had an incredibly awesome physics instructor, which probably helped. I've always loved the sciences, and my brain comprehends the straightforwardness of math quite well, so physics (the mathematical study of the workings of science) was, like, the perfect fit. I'm great with math too, and liked physics last year (err... "Intro to Physics"), but the teacher is just.... yeah. And it's first thing in the morning. I've never been a morning person...ever. LOL I hate mornings. I blame always staying up late on school days chatting with friends. xD I'm gonna take physics n
  5. Sometimes when I use magic wand to select only an image from even a pure white background I get little white pixels on the edge, and feather doesn't usually get it to go away. Will this help more?
  6. Before flattening the two spirals going in opposite directions, I made the top one blue-ish with curves and the bottom one red-ish with curves and set the top layer blend mode to screen (I think).
  7. I used to do that back when I was in a race to 1000 posts (and the race to pass BoltBait in posts), but once done, I realized how immature I was acting and started to make more productive* posts. Besides, it's not like you're going to get an award for posting a lot-- you're more likely to be labeled a spammer by other users. *note that I didn't put "long" or "useful" there What I hate is when you go to a forum and you look at the "person who last posted" part and like the entire freaking page is one person. -_-
  8. Eek, I'm dead after 3 hours of tennis, I can't imagine 3 hours of soccer. ><
  9. I'm still sorta new at Paint.NET so please be easy on my cursors I made: One question I have is how to I make the circle thing for Working in Background and Busy not all pixelated? I have antialiasing on. It's not complete.
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