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  1. ^ Want some of my cookies? I'm sick so you probably wouldn't... < Am doing better than before. v Knows that chicken soup + hot sauce till it turns orange color is cure for colds.
  2. ^ is right doesn't have one < is sick with flu v is awesome at making people not feel sick
  3. LOL at Emmas posters, my favorite ones are the first and last. What do you have against this guy? (hehe queer bait) anyway more posters:
  4. My outcome of this tutorial, it's supposed to be a red halo from the Halo series. Did this a long time ago The Red Halo
  5. In my humble opinion, The text looks somewhat off, if it was closer together (like Shadow and Kahos both in the top corners) It would look fine. Some of it could be the photobucket compression... but to me it looks like it needs a little more contrast like it's too grey/bland. Try Tanel's "Local Contrast Enhancement" plugin and mess with the sliders. Other than that it looks good. 8) (Not sure if you have it so I provided link.) Tanel's Photo and Color Plugins
  6. That was....................Odd but somewhat funny. Sugerlumps.................6.5/10 One odd song deserves another NAMMY - Queen of the Stallions Pregnant women and children under 13 shouldn't watch this.
  7. ^ Very strange nice use of the smudge tool, it looks like he's getting shot with some kind of energy weapon. 7/10 Mine is made up of edited perk icons in fallout 1-2.
  8. Random Images I made all 100% PDN. Brot Blitz Nothing Changes Simple Crystal 2 Time Space Tear Mandelbrot Virus No laughing at picture names 1680X1050 resolution warning My favorite is the Simple Crystal 2 and Mandelbrot Virus.
  9. Shoo-rah! Shoo-rah! by Betty Wright (Fun song to listen to when killing zombies.) http://www.thetones360.com/browse/joby- ... ty-wright/
  10. My name started as Aull Arkenbon in the original Diablo game, since then I have made Arkenwraith [1-3] Drakenwraith [1-3] but Aull Arkenbon stuck with me somehow. Maybe from the book "The Hobbit" which in it had the Arkenstone but i'm not sure.
  11. Life is... short yours is shorter. :twisted: Sweet Johnny...____!
  12. Thanks I made them both useing the same process but somehow different outcomes. (And no I don't remember how I made them it was 2:00AM and I was half-asleep) ----------- More: http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w350 ... II/War.jpg http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w350 ... dRoses.jpg http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w350 ... tution.jpg http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w350 ... eNight.jpg ----------- I like symmetrical :oops: , and I like the first one "ghastly" but there are better things to use than Polar Inversion to make symmetrical objects like viewtopic.php?f=16&t=53
  13. Some of my signatures. I know I'm not that great but I'm still learning. :wink:
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