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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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i guess heres the place to post my images. they are all kind of the same style. i'd love som feedback

They look cute, like the choice of color, but seem too flat, you may try :ReliefEffect: Relief to add some depth and play with color adjustements (curves, brightness/contrast, color balance, levels) to add shade to colors,

Ciao :D

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@Topezia--- I like the setting you've got for the fireworks piece. Nice abstract :)

@Max Power---Nice use of Polar Inversion :)


Background used for an interface piece I'm doing. Looks cool when it's a stand-alone abstract :D One of my first pieces exclusively using smudge (where are the others? Well, that's for a later update :wink: ):


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Topezia I think the fireworks are super!

napster I like your use of frames not sure about that last one.

Cool Max Power

worldnewser that has interest I too have been trying to get the hang of the smudge tool but not with this one.

I used a fractal to create this. It's been a while since I have played with fractals.



"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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@worldnewser: Thanks and I am waiting for your finished piece (even though I must confess I haven't the faintest idea of what an interface could be :oops: ), smudge tool is really difficult to manage for me, I'll have to try and re-try until got the hang of it!

@Thanks Janettsue and your pieces are never banal, I love red! I did not download a program for fractals yet, still have to learn how to use paint.net :D

Ciao and keep up with the good work guys!

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Heh, very interesting & colourful pieces topezia!

The first looks like something under a microscope, and the last two look very much like some glass block design. KIU! keep it up

Thanks , Liverpool football club for ever ( :lol: )

Yes, may be it is alien d.n.a.!

I thought they looked more like gems, but I did not use any glass block effect on those :) !

KIU? :roll:


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@Diabolicus--- Nice carpet texture. However, thinking right off the top of my head, I think clouds on a low scale setting and frosted glass would achieve a similar effect with less steps ;)


Paper Mario thingies! All in two dimensions (sorta) ;)


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Very cool, I love this.

BTW... Just noticed your Av and Sig Quote - I'm a big 'Floyd fan too.

Thanks a lot! :

See you on the Dark Side of the Moon, then! :wink:

I like this too.

Thanks a lot (that needs a dance...) and I'd like to dance also cause think I am starting to understand alpha displacement (yeah, I am dumb..) an-gattidancetango.gif

b.t.w. I know those weird shapes plus weird shape3d settings suck , (not much 3d, bad choice of colors) but I keep experimenting, may be it will lead me somewhere or nowhere , who knows? :lol:

Here are some more:



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