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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

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Atradese, he meant that the everyone seems to use the water plug-in.

Musical Maniac, water - especially frozen - is rarely that blue. It's usually white, green and gray, depending on how shallow the ice and how dirty the water. Try some desaturating and hue shifting, that should get you closer to what you want.

i understand what you mean, but i prefer the unrealistic, i mean, everyone seems to go for realistic, or cartoon style, but altered reality is sort of in-between the two, it's just my style :)

and to widget, that signature is great, i love the fire effect, and the text is really cool

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@ Widget yeah I definately like the text effect on it...though maybe you could do something else with the fire?

@Chronos The only thing I don't like is it is a bit hard to read...I thought it was CIIRONOS at first glance..

here is my go at a signature with more of a 4:1 ratio (still is more like 4.5:1 but eh.)

Bronco is my name on another forum

I tried making it so the Cortana head in the background was noticeable on who it was...but not too distracting...not sure if I acheived that though :P.



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Why add text? More often than not people don't do it right anyways.

My only suggestions for f55 would be to make the smudging just a tad smoother on the edges for the first tag.

yy10, if you used brushes to make that background, stay away from them. Also add effects (smudging, C4Ds on brightening blend modes) on top of your render, so that it doesn't look like you just slapped it on and decreased the transparency in some spots.

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Grab the water on the top-right corner, rotate it 180°, and put the just under his left pectoral. Left, as in the Batman's left. Your right. It really looks nice, you could also try decreased the splashes' opacity just a tad. Good job. :)

[Edit] Also, apply image, duplicate twice, autolevel the top layer, set to difference, merge with the layer under it, And make the contrast -100. Set this to overlay. That'll change the hue, but it'll have no effect on the luminosity (50% luminosity on overlay has no effect)

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I joined 2 days ago. do you really think i can show anybody except people that dont know anything about pdn how to improve things? and ive looked at a bunch of your replies. youve only commented on the signature about 1 thing. only the main part of it. why dont u just try to criticize the whole signature? like the background part of it too.


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Most people use 'criticize' in order to emphasize bad or below normal things, though you could criticize the good things, too :o

That's just the way they do :|

That the background of your sig wasn't mentioned before just means that it is accurate, nothing too bad but not perfect either :)

Well, you could say that you should either sharpen the border between the yellow shine or blurring it, would be better than the way it looks now, though your background texture is nice :)

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