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  1. done, but since tomorrow then becomes today, it actually becomes tomorrow again, which then becomes today, etc good going, you broke the universe ._. i wish i had friends that were online whenever im online
  2. instead, you cut your hand right off! :shock: i wish people didnt think i was weird for liking blood
  3. done, but he bites you whenever he sees, hears, or smells you i wish my TV wasnt old
  4. done. its so clean, nothing can be on it, not even what should be i wish my music was more famous
  5. i like it, but it could really use some color
  6. id rather not show my face until... i feel like it <___< youll just have to settle for the back of my head
  7. i think my hair is still too short, dont you agree? :? (yes, that was a quick and crappy edit done in paint.net to get rid of someone else in the picture)
  8. done. you have an itchy... you know, this would be so much simpler if i knew what i was allowed to call that. personal area? instead i wish i knew the list of words this forum doesnt allow about the headphones, i have many pairs, and most of the time, its just hooked up to the computer
  9. done, after which it dismembers you i wish my ipod was more than 8GB (its only 2GB anyway, so even if you made it 8.1, itll still be good )
  10. 1. William Longchamp 2. Normandy 3. Europe 4. European colonization of the Americas 5.History of the west coast of North America 6. North America 7. United States 8. California 9. Adobe Systems 10. Adobe Photoshop 11. Raster graphics editor 12. Paint.NET no backspace wow, 12 points :? not so good...
  11. done, but the money is fake, and "half as hard" is a relative term compared to being president i wish i could drink pepsi without ruining my braces
  12. you got a problem with finding out for yourself?
  13. done, but you get fired the first day i wish i had more iced tea
  14. done. it imploded i wish we could use more than 60000 characters in our posts (no, i dont need to explain this wish <___<)
  15. thanks, guys and to let you know,i came up with the name 'Wormhole', and i think that it fits, but if you have any other suggestions for the name, just PM me and call me chronos
  16. what do you mean? i created that image myself. i used a guideline to help make it, but thats it :? everything else was all me And you didn't use this? http://gen8hedgehog.deviantart.com/art/ ... 1-64778353 that would be the guideline that im talking about however, the only thing thats the same as the original image is the look. i took the original and remade it in my own style
  17. every song in AFIs new album, crash love but mostly I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here. i love that song
  18. actually, i dont think thats cheating. i saw nothing in the rules saying that you can only click links in the wikipedia article
  19. well, the new AFI album is finally out and to celebrate such monumental occasion, i made this (well, i made it last night actually :oops:). for those who dont know, its the album artwork of the album its a near duplicate that took a few hours, and sadly isnt as good as i wanted it to be but its still pretty good for something i made as a spontaneous idea
  20. you read the ENTIRE comic already? there's four episodes with a ton of panels in each.... it took me a few days... well, hey, i read about 3 of them in a few hours as for the building, it seems awesome, but very familiar... dont know where ive seen it before though
  21. done, but youre so poor, you cant go to the hospital to treat your diseases and die a lonely death in a gutter, where other poor people then eat your flesh i wish i had a better microphone
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