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  1. thanks for all of your comments! (i'm not really sure what to say other than that, but that just seems too plane so i added this part in...)
  2. i understand what you mean, but i prefer the unrealistic, i mean, everyone seems to go for realistic, or cartoon style, but altered reality is sort of in-between the two, it's just my style and to widget, that signature is great, i love the fire effect, and the text is really cool
  3. thanks for your positive feedback, although i really should think of names for my pictures, so you don't have to call it 'picture one' or 'picture two', because it could get boring eventually. Edit - i've named just about all of them, and i added another 2 or 3 to the gallery, good progress so far, need more comments though another edit - please don't comment on the awakening if your just going to say that all i did was added a face, wit ha few other things, because really that is all i did, but it's basically just an alteration of one of my previous pictures.
  4. my first/current signature, i tried to make it look like water that is being frozen over, with a glaze effect over the whole image to add a wet-icey effect
  5. i'm new to the forums, but i think the very few things that i've done so far are decent, so i think this is a perfect time to start my gallery, i've really just been messing around and seeing what i come up with but they all turned out to ook pretty cool so far, so here i go... this is what happens when i start playing with ripple effects after reading some comments, i've decided to call this one - Audiowaves. well, i've always wanted to have my own planet, so i made it, and i say it didn't turn out too bad. i can't even think of a name for this one this is the very first thing i made, i've seen many other images similar to this, so it's nothing original, but intresting nonetheless i guess the most sensile thing to call this is vortex i call this one, firedrop... you may notice it is completely symmetrical, in every way... basically messed around with 3d and fire and got a solar ball thing:) i call it - bloody hell, mainly becaue the bottom is supposed to look like flames, and the top to look like blood, it morbid compared to my other pictures. basically messed around with 'firedrop' and 'bloody hell' with an added demon face, to create... 'the awakening' P.S. i didn't make the face part, i only edited the face and stuck it in my picture
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