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  1. This is my first realistic image so i want some good advice and criticism. thanks. It's supposed to be a jail cell. (if you didn't know). also, id like to know how to add a shadow to the floor to make it look more like a floor.
  2. Thanks samness! i use this tut a lot. in my signature, the first userbar has my own touch and the guitar one, i followed the tut
  3. What do you think about my sig. i wanted it to be simple this time. edit: nice use of sharp's tut. i like the colors too. thats all i can think of. 7.5/10
  4. this is my new sig: im currently working on an avatar for it.
  5. i also found that it looks pretty cool when you add emboss
  6. well, i was going for scary i just took the wings from the ghotic font and did a lot of effects then mirrored it twice.
  7. I dont know what this is. I guess its a wierd butterfly
  8. Sorry, i cant make it. I havent gotten off the computer since i posted that reply and i cant make it. I thought if i filled the canvas with black and then made colored circles all around it then use the shape 3D sphere effect and then make the glass or chrome or whatever plates but it didnt work. I also tried about 5 other other methods but none of them worked either. But im sure one of the more experienced pdn users like Oma could make one. Im not sure if hed want to but im sure if he did it would turn out great.
  9. very nice effect and a well written tut. I noticed the rays when they werecoming out in front of the text that if i could transform that into a disco ball it would look really cool so thats what im trying right now.
  10. It says moderate skills. i think its true but it looks like pro skills. great tut
  11. you know what, whatever. im just here because im looking for a new hobby. i dont care about what you have to say anymore.
  12. Ok thanks! but could you tell me how to "ssharpen the border" between the yellow thingy and the rest of the background? i have no idea how. Edit: oops sorry...hehe i forgot about the sharpen effect. but if thats not what you meant can you tell me what u meant?
  13. I joined 2 days ago. do you really think i can show anybody except people that dont know anything about pdn how to improve things? and ive looked at a bunch of your replies. youve only commented on the signature about 1 thing. only the main part of it. why dont u just try to criticize the whole signature? like the background part of it too.
  14. haha for my avatar i just took the wings from the gohtic font and changed the layer blend mode to color burn then thats what it made. and i see from your signature u watch wwe. i watch it too but i like tna way more
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