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  1. This is my first realistic image so i want some good advice and criticism. thanks. It's supposed to be a jail cell. (if you didn't know). also, id like to know how to add a shadow to the floor to make it look more like a floor.
  2. i mess up when i go to fill in the box with black on the shadow layer. it turns the box grey but it also turns everything else black. help?
  3. Thanks samness! i use this tut a lot. in my signature, the first userbar has my own touch and the guitar one, i followed the tut
  4. What do you think about my sig. i wanted it to be simple this time. edit: nice use of sharp's tut. i like the colors too. thats all i can think of. 7.5/10
  5. this is my new sig: im currently working on an avatar for it.
  6. False (im not a SECRET killer. but i am a killer) TPBM is the person thats posting below me
  7. thanks! and btw thats a tiger . i added a new signature to the list.
  8. You know, i think its amazing what paint.net can do. just how real images can be, and how abstract an image can be. I think this gallery demonstrates everything. When i want to see great images, i dont go to the galleria,. I come here
  9. i also found that it looks pretty cool when you add emboss
  10. well, i was going for scary i just took the wings from the ghotic font and did a lot of effects then mirrored it twice.
  11. I dont know what this is. I guess its a wierd butterfly
  12. Welcome To My Gallery I got a new computer and havent used paint.net for a while so i figured I would try it again Realistic Images Signatures: Wallpapers: Pictures made by Tutorials: I know i know, i need a lot more pictures. and in time i will.
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