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  1. I have to agree with the above. The teal/blue/green or whatever smoke doesn't fit in with the rest. As far as I can tell it looks good for anything besides that. Keep it up . I think this is my first decent grunge signature What ya think?
  2. Yes, it is amazing . (still maybe add a bit more vibrance?) Here is my go at a new sig
  3. I made this while messing around with zoom/rotate.
  4. This is my go at an avatar. I was trying to give it that "arcane feeling" instead of a demonic. Any suggestions?
  5. @ Widget yeah I definately like the text effect on it...though maybe you could do something else with the fire? @Chronos The only thing I don't like is it is a bit hard to read...I thought it was CIIRONOS at first glance.. here is my go at a signature with more of a 4:1 ratio (still is more like 4.5:1 but eh.) Bronco is my name on another forum I tried making it so the Cortana head in the background was noticeable on who it was...but not too distracting...not sure if I acheived that though .
  6. These are the first two sigs I have actually made without a guide with PDN.(of course I took techniques from thoses guides and used them in these) any suggestions?
  7. Thanks for this tutorial! It was easy to follow, and I love the outcome.. Started using this program for real about a week ago. Here is my outcome should of put it more towards the center.
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