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The Representation Contest! -Aguba wins!-

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Right, sorry about my recent inactiveness, I've been extremely occupied. However, I can now announce that I am back, after about two months, and I can also announce that the winner of TRC #1 is Aguba! In second place was cjmcguiness, and in third is just about everyone else. Congratulations everyone, now get over to the discussion thread to think of the next theme, aguba!


Right, I feel very nervous posting this, but I have had quite a bit of positive responses to my idea for a contest. Anyway, here are the rules:

1] Stick to the given theme as well as you can, please.

2] Only one entry.

3] Your entry may be any size you like, however do not take this to mean that you can make it something like 1600x1000.

4] Posts in this thread can be questions, but please try to stay on-topic. EDIT: Forget that; from now on, only entrys may be posted in this thread.

5] It must be 100% PDN, although you are allowed stock images.

Anyway, here's the idea: I choose a theme (only for this week), you have to create an image which represents that theme the best as you can, we will all vote, and the winner wins themself some pride, and also gets to choose the next theme.

This competition is going to be fortnightly, so the deadline is Friday the 20th. There is no specific time the competition ends, you just wait until I post that it has ended.

But enough of my post, hopefully you all want to post your entries. So now, I post this:

This weeks theme is...Time!

I know, self-promotion. :D Anyway, before I end this post, I shall post this:

I give my thanks to CMD, for supporting my idea and giving me much of my inspiration.

I give my thanks to BoltBait for making this post sticky, and for editing his name into this list.

Now then, I order you to post! NOW!


Well done everyone, there are some really good entrys. Now, in chronological order, here are the images:

















Ego Eram Reputo:
















OK, sorry that took such a long time, I had a slight problem. Now, there are many similarities to SOTW in this contest, and the voting is one of them. So, PM me here with your vote. Now then, vote!

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I'm liking this contest already. It's a good idea, Rubrica. I might send in an entry for this one, but is the deadline this Friday.

I'm going to have to get crackin' if its Friday.

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This weeks theme is...Time!


Now then, I order you to post!


Theme is Time, so give us some (time)!

Time? again? As like as the SOTW? (ok size is free...)

Rules aren't clear...

1.Could we use photos/stocks images? As well as the SOTW, do we have to give the sources?

2.100%PDN? Yes/No?

3.Friday? Next week?

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No stock images used, 100% Paint.NET

Some may recognise this from my dA. Anyhoo, I don't think there's anything that represents time in a less obvious way. The quotes are:

"Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so" - Douglas Noel Adams, taken from The Hitch-Hikers Guide To the Galaxy

"Ticking away, the moments that make up a dull day" - Pink Floyd, from the song Time (the link is there for those that do not know / have not heard the song, if you don't know it or haven't heard it, you must click that link, it is mandatory)


Son, someday you will make a girl happy for a short period of time. Then she'll leave you & be with men that are ten times

better than you can imagine. These men are called musicians. :D

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Didn't the Rolling stones say "time is on our side"? Well it wasn't! Hence the rushed pic with altogether too much blurring around the base.


As usual: No stock images were harmed in the production of this image

100% PDN

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I call it lost in time.


It is 100% PND

I couldn't stop adding stuff so /i finally posted it because I didn't want it to look too complicated.

At first I made a simple clock, then while I was messing with the droste effect I accidentally made it twist towards the center. Thats how I got the idea, Lost In Time.

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Little Off - Topic


there is an song called Time Flies ... its jumpstyle but i was thinking this was an link to this topic :)

Heres the

Sorry if this was to Off-Topic


wear our signature and earn 50 studiocredits. pm me your username if you want to participate.

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