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  1. I like the way your chinese symbol came out. It gave it a burnt-in-wood type look to it. Also, those are some healthy looking rats you've got there. Thank you. Yeah those rats are pretty fat.
  2. that was just a joke, underneath it says the year of the rat and a brief description of what people born under the rat year are like.
  3. Haha...This has got to be the simplest thing I have done......and yet it is harder than you think to come up with something. Well I used the gradient on the tools just blue and white. Put some different sized paint brush white dots around. Made a blue oval and used the line/curve tool in a lighter blue to make what are supposed to be swirls in the lake. I then made another layer and used the same line/curve tool to make a border and set the layer to multiply. Then used the font 3 different times in 3 different colors moving it over each time to get a shadowing effect. I am not sure if fonts are allowed or only regular fonts? I don't know, if they are not then I am sorry. I just did it for fun.
  4. I thought I would take a shot at this. It is simple, just some antiquing to the background leaving the tree in focus. I was drawing a bit of a blank.
  5. Are you talking about the frame delay? I don't much about these programs, i'm just playing with it all as I go along. So I don't get the abbreviations....sorry.
  6. I know these aren't 100% PDN but I had fun. The one of the little girl is my daughter laying on the floor. So I used the water reflection and then did the unfreeze program to it.
  7. Here is mine. I have a really hard time keeping my hand from shaking while using the paintbrush as you can see on the chinese symbol, I tried everything to hide it, next time I will use a stock image instead....LOL! Anyways I hope you all enjoy. Stock image of Rat http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l279/ ... Symbol.jpg
  8. Congratulations Expiration. This was a good theme, although mine are always plain, I never use stock images b/c I don't know how to link to them. Is there a thread for that? Anyways as for the next theme, how about doing one for the Chinese New Year. It is on Feb 7th. It is the beginning of the year of the Rat.
  9. Here is mine. No stock images, just fonts. I know it is a little plain, I was drawing a blank.
  10. Congrats to aile and to everyone else who entered....Great job! As for the new theme, well January is the start of a new year and most people make new year resoloutions. Somewhere along that. I don't know. Maybe someone else can elaborate on it. New Beginnings. Renewal. 2008. Groundhogs day is close also. I don't know.
  11. This is mine. I did a lot of polar inversions on a mandlebrot fractal plug-in and then used the water reflection plug-in. It was hard b/c I made 4 different sigs for this and couldn't decide which one to put on here.
  12. Out of curiosity.......is this still going on? Did anyone make a sig?
  13. This is my first post in this forum, I ususally only do the tuts. I feel a bit weird posting because you all are so good at this, but what the heck. I was bored and I was doodling on paper and when I finished I decided to try to recreate the pic in paint. I am still expierimenting. I think I will animate the background next time. And this one was just messing with the polar inversion. I thought it was cool b/c it ended up looking like cresent moons.
  14. I am not sure. Is that a plug-in or something? I am new to photo/paint programs alltogether. This is the first program I have ever usedand I only found it this month, so I am a bit slow at grasping all the effects. That's why I wanted to try these contests out b/c it gets me to try things I wouldn't otherwise have thought of.
  15. When I try to get the new ed harvey package, it says that website doesn't exist. Is there another link to it?
  16. March 20, 1979 First day of spring ( depending on year ) ~Famous People Born On My Birthday~ Spike Lee Holly Hunter William Hurt Bobby Orr Mr. Rogers George Burns Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
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