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DrewDale's Images - Updated Dec 26. 2014


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Awesome job on your gallery banner. I love the simplicity and cleverness of it. :) 


What you did with clipwarp--the umbrella, the London underground walkway, and airplane are great examples of the power of the plugin. Did you use Overlay to get the red color of the plane or did you just change the opacity? 

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Thanks Sasha & nanettealsop & Helen, it is a very strange place along some of the unused lines and tunnels, I'm lucky to know someone kind enough to show me places that the public are not usually permitted, glad you like the image too. :)  The roundel (london underground symbol) was straight forward to make, just an ellipse and a line.


Helen - What I did was duplicate the original black aeroplane clip art, re coloured one red and unticked it. Ran object edge on the black one and then clipwarp. I then moved the red one to the top and I think it was either overlay or multiply, then just a once over with AA's Assistant. I used the same method with the red frame too :) 


I'm getting kind of clipwarp fever now, I look around at things to take a picture of so that I can add a twist to it :lol: 



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Thanks yellowman - indeed clipwarp is a great plugin and very inspiring too, I end up looking for things to use it on, that picture was perfect for it.


Thanks Helen - I kept the drop shadow really low so that the roundel would blend in more, I didn't dare go down that walkway though, even in daylight hours ;)

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Another great effect with Clipwarp @DD - it could be the setting for a piece of bling :traffic-light: .  Love the glassy effect.


P.S. Is it me or has the smiley Show All button on here just started to be a tool bar now?  Or perhaps I never noticed one could scroll before :noes:


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Love those Dyson fans but not the price.


I like it the way it is. Glassy, shiny. For a WP, you could make the shape smaller & have single glowing line or even have a bit of fire background. It's really cool!


I love the cameo piece. Great idea & well done!


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Thank barbieq. I do plan to add something else to that object, but I don't think I will add too much (it may spoil it then) The cameo piece worked a lot better with the removal of the full photograph background, I'm glad you like the result :)



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