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DrewDale's Images - Updated Dec 26. 2014


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Drew, your new sig is smashing! Lovely. I  looked at it from first glance and it made my heart leap a little. It's that good. :) Your progress sigs are cool, too. The image done with the clip warp plugin is really good. I like your idea.

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Thanks Helen and nanettealsop, clipwarp has opened up a new way (for me) to think outside of the (tiny) box I work in. I really do recommend you trying out clipwarp, the amazing tallent you two ladies have would show us some really creative results :) 



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Thanks Sasha, Welshblue, dug. Clip warp is a great plugin that I am still experimenting with, it has helped me during a creativity drought. :)


@ Welshblue. I will do that with future pieces thanks, seems like the best way to do it, plus it saves people having to scroll past old work to see the newest. Cheers for that. B)



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Beautiful Clipwark image with the brolly over the pond :smile: Should be snow in there by now!


BBQ's idea "her ducks and your brolly in a pond" sounds like a great colab :rainbow:


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