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.Ahmed's Plugins.

Hello again !

This topic shall Contain all my PDN plugins or other additions .


You can download the .zip file that has them all :


Ahmed\'s Plugins.zip


(all the plugins are put in alphabetical order.)


Apply Color.dll: Effects----->Color------>Apply Color

a simple plugin that allows you to (Apply) a color to your image.




Cartoonize.dll: Effects----->Artistic------>Cartoonize

a plugin that turns realistic photos into cartoony style (with some simple dithering ).




Clarifaction+.dll: Effects----->Photo------>Clarifaction+

a plugin to clarify your image.




InkSketch+.dll: Effects----->Artistic------>InkSketch+

an artistic effect that redraws your image as if drawn with ink.




Posterize+.dll: Adjustment----->Posterize+

a very useful, customizable effect , it allows you to limit the output of any channel , including HSV , RGB !




Quick Gravity.dll: Effects----->Distort------>Quick Gravity

a quick effect that will drag your image down while stretching it , giving it a gravity effect .




Vibration.dll: Effects----->Distort------>Vibration.

an effect that well blur and then thick the insides of your image , gives a nice vibration effect.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- --------

If you need the source of any of my plugins , please PM me !

if you have a plugin suggestion , please write it down here .

please report any errors in this topic.

Thanks for passing by!



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I downloaded your plug-ins, uncompressed them, & transferred the folder to my effects folder while making sure Paint.NET was not open, but I forgot to unblock them. Not seeing them, I closed Paint, unblocked them, then re-opened Paint. I transferred them to a different drive, then back to the drive where all of Paint.NET is found, but I still can't find them. Am I not being observant, or do I need to delete your plug-ins & download them again,


I wish we'd all been ready.

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You shouldn't need to.  Just make sure that the *.dll files are placed in the Paint.NET/Effects folder and restart Paint.NET.  The plugins should show up in the menus as listed in the first post (like Effects > Color, or Effects > Artistic, etc...,)

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The reference to "hidden" was regarding the forum content - not the plugins.


Post a screenshot of your Paint.NET/Effects folder so we can see the contents.

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hehehe I figured it out. I have to transfer the plug-ins individually instead in an extracted folder together. I have yet to test them, but at least they appear in my menus. I didn't need him to help me. Calling out somebody's mistake is not an insult.

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I wish we'd all been ready.

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I was just going to say take them out of the folder they come in once extracted. I just downloaded these and have no problems.


A few plugin packs come in folders so when you put them in the right place you still don't see them in PDN. If you don't see your plugin in PDN go look in the effects folder and see if they are in a folder in there and if they are just copy and paste them out with the rest of your plugins. 

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hehehe I figured it out.


I'm glad of that :)

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I'm trying to  use your "Cartoonize" plugin from this plugin pack.   I extracted the files into effects.  Cartoonize.dll does not exist.  Was it removed over the last seven years?


Thanks in advance!

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49 minutes ago, Cakie67 said:

I tried to download your whole pak but it is not downloading


I just checked the download and it's working fine @Cakie67 Please check your Downloads > via This PC > Downloads


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