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  1. Love it.i gotta learn how to use Paint.Net automation. Great creation here dear.πŸ‘
  2. Oh what would I do without you! I tried to post a new one as your video showed,was doing ok but got stuck at the edit part😟. So yes you can do Dixie Mae...and with a 100 thank yous!
  3. So Pixey, does this mean I don't have to " start a new Thread in Pictorium " each time I want to add a new image? Thanks for the video it does help. Sorry i am such a "doid" I was always a slow learner, but when I got it under control I will be off and running... so be assured Pixey,... one day I will master this forum thing! LOL. there is always Hope. Got it! I wrote all your info down. You are the Best! I appreciate your time, and Patience. You are such a nice person. ! You Red Ochre and Manc. Your all so very kind and helpful. and Oh Red Ochre the leaves in the kaleidoscope Dream flower are real, I took the picture of them myself. ( sorry I could not find the way to add this to your comment).πŸ€ͺ
  4. Wow That globe us awesone.i am really impressed.
  5. Yes and I so do appreciate it.πŸ•πŸ‘ So is the 2bd one up to standards? Thank you for looking out for me.
  6. Ok deleted the one to large. This one I resized to 800x600, the other one was 800x 675. So will this work now?😊 and thanks for the tip.πŸ˜‰
  7. Do I resize it on this site? And how do I do it unless I redo the thread? Thank you. I did think I had it right. Duh me.lol.
  8. My oldest dog Dixie, she will be 16 this July ( that's about 90 years old in our life span) She had her tail cut off due to a tennis size ball groweth on her tail. She is doing ok for such an old lady. So I designed a picture of using Paint.net . I used multiple effects.
  9. Wow are you talented! I am impressed. Nice work.
  10. Awesome.... how old is your child? I am 68 years old with a 9th grade math level... I never could get the Algebra thing, and I really did try. Good luck.πŸ€ͺ
  11. Most men usually forget to tell the details out of all the excitement. I will say a prayer for them in my prayers today. I think the Covid was " manufactured deliberately " by China and some Democrats here in America. I do not believe this was a " creation" of God. Keep well my friend.
  12. Thank you Red Ochre, I hope to learn it all .... someday! I cannot figure out why I am have such a hard time here I never had this much problem before on other stuff.... but alas, ... I am gonna be 68 in july...😩
  13. hey by the way, I was on the " Forum last week, trying to figure out how to maneuver on here and I saw some art work with your " Manc". It was really cool, like cobwebs and smooth. Almost like when one covers a couch for protection. it was neat. and well done. Did you do it?Have a delightful evening. Cheers !
  14. oh Congratulations! .. and you aint Old. So is what did she have? boy, girl, and what did she name it? I have a son, but no grandchildren. It looks like I will never be a grandma.
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