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  1. I downloaded his pack because I saw one in the index I thought might be interesting only to find out I already had all of his plug-ins.
  2. "You can't obsolete something when the new version depends heavily on the thing you're trying to obsolete." lol What?
  3. I wonder what it is that prevents me from seeing some images on these forums, but since I never view the pictorium, it doesn't matter greatly.
  4. "...The bad news is: the only way off this ship is gravity."
  5. Since "you have reached your maximum quota of positive votes for the day", I type: thank you, david.atwell. this effect makes me think of genjutsu from Naruto.
  6. Then I'll wait until those are released or are revealed not to be. >thanks for the input, people.
  7. ok, this is getting out of hand. This is related to the plugin. Windows 7 appearantly has a problem with the code used-I found this...thing with the "inspect element" tool. Windows 7 is concerned about the security &/or validity of the link.
  8. Um, what do you say to "Invalid App Id: Must be a number or numeric string representing the application id. all.js:56 FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init(). all.js:56 event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.", Madjik?
  9. While this may be fun, hasn't just about everything been done already (other than bug fixes & UI alterations)?
  10. @ any particular step in a tutorial, you may be making a point focusing on 1 part of the image(e.g. a source image), then you may be focusing on various effects applied only to a part of the image, or only to a certain layer. For each of those steps, you might make a different copy of that work, which is all layers & times before & after effects & adjustments are made; & for each of those steps you might save a copy featuring only the part of the image you're focusing on & a transparent layer. But Thank you for clearing that up.
  11. I know you worked hard on this, but couldn't you just un-check all other layers or make a # of copies to make points on the 1 you're focusing on at a step?
  12. It's fine only if it's stored in the same memory disk, right?
  13. Does the organizer have to be copied to the effects folder, a sub-folder, or somewhere else? The pop-up dialog states that its publisher is Microsoft.
  14. When you do "polish" your plug-ins & fix the glitch(es) I suggest putting them in separate .dll files for better organization: If somebody were to ask me ~ what plug-ins I used for something, or I was trying to find certain plug-ins in storage, I might not know which collective .dll file(s) that/those plug-in(s) are in (or if I have it/them at all in the case of storage).
  15. I'm pretty sure that I saw a slightly darker green when I erased part of some line art I was attempting to draw, but perhaps the variance was related to opacity degrees. Thanks Ego Eram Reputo & pdnnoob.
  16. {image has been removed, if it was there in the 1st place} For me it does, although not for all settings: setting the V to 13, I will see it to have changed to 12 upon switching the colors back, or switching to edit that color again; & it will switch from 14 to 13 too. If it can be opened (I've had trouble posting pictures before), you might be able to tell that the 5 lines on the left are slightly lighter than the 5 on the right are; & this is the 13-12 transition.
  17. I'm sorry if this is too unrelated, but: Is a setting there to toggle whether or not a secondary color's brightness will change slightly upon switching to customize the primary color or switching the primary & secondary color positions? I find this distracting, & it could also lead to considerable problems in more complex works.
  18. sigh. well sorry EER & Simon Brown, but after looking up & downloading avi codex/players & copyright laws, I decided that I would rather not take the risks or become a part lawyer to use all this stuff legally. I'll be browsing other plug-ins now; although your pack seems to have some fun/useful plug-ins, SB.
  19. I have .avi file/codec & copyright conundrums in my mind.
  20. Since you included this in your index, I will assume you trust the safety & legality of this plug-in & program, EER. but I would like thoughts on this if you have any.
  21. hehehe I figured it out. I have to transfer the plug-ins individually instead in an extracted folder together. I have yet to test them, but at least they appear in my menus. I didn't need him to help me. Calling out somebody's mistake is not an insult.
  22. I exited Paint.NET, downloaded AhmedElyamani's plug-ins, extracted the files from the compressed folder, transferring them to the effects folder in Paint.NET (not the app), & brought up Paint.NET again, not finding the effects. The files are in .dll format & I have v3.5.10 of Paint.NET. Ego Eram Reputo tells me this plug-in works for him in http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25275-ahmeds-plugins/, but these plug-ins don't seem to be there for me.
  23. Well Ego Eram Reputo, That's not working for me. I think posts #2 & #3 might have to do with that.
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