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  1. I downloaded his pack because I saw one in the index I thought might be interesting only to find out I already had all of his plug-ins.
  2. Then I'll wait until those are released or are revealed not to be. >thanks for the input, people.
  3. While this may be fun, hasn't just about everything been done already (other than bug fixes & UI alterations)?
  4. It's fine only if it's stored in the same memory disk, right?
  5. Does the organizer have to be copied to the effects folder, a sub-folder, or somewhere else? The pop-up dialog states that its publisher is Microsoft.
  6. hehehe I figured it out. I have to transfer the plug-ins individually instead in an extracted folder together. I have yet to test them, but at least they appear in my menus. I didn't need him to help me. Calling out somebody's mistake is not an insult.
  7. Well Ego Eram Reputo, That's not working for me. I think posts #2 & #3 might have to do with that.
  8. I downloaded your plug-ins, uncompressed them, & transferred the folder to my effects folder while making sure Paint.NET was not open, but I forgot to unblock them. Not seeing them, I closed Paint, unblocked them, then re-opened Paint. I transferred them to a different drive, then back to the drive where all of Paint.NET is found, but I still can't find them. Am I not being observant, or do I need to delete your plug-ins & download them again, AhmedElyamani?
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