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Rust / Corrosion

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

In this tutorial we will be making the rust/ corrosion covering this metal. There are a couple of tutorials on the site for creating different types of metal plates.

This is what the result will look like...


No plug-ins are necessary for creating this texture.

1. Create a new image 800x600

2. Render clouds on this layer. Scale: 188, Roughness: 0.73

Effects> Render>> Clouds


3. Run Emboss on the cloud layer

Effects> Stylize>> Emboss


4. Adjust the contrast: Contrast -40

Adjustments> Brightness/ Contrast

5. Create a new layer

6. Choose the paint bucket tool. Set the HEX color to 77351C and fill the new layer. Set the layer Blend Mode to Overlay.


7. Create a new layer.

8. Choose the paintbrush tool and set the brush width to 25. Set the HEX color to 934C20. Color in around the perimeter of the image and make a few "squiggles' tapering in from the edge to the center.


9. Set the HEX color to 683415. Repeat the procedure from Step 8. As you can see, neatness and precision aren't necesseties with these two steps; just basically scribbling really. You will get better end results if you run the darker color alongside the lighter color on the tapered squiggles.


10. Blur the layer using Gaussian Blur set to Radius: 15

Effects> Blur>> Gaussian Blur


11. Blur this layer again using Motion Blur set to Angle: -90, Centered, Distance: 130

Effects> Blur>> Motion Blur


12. Add Noise set to Intensity: 64, Color Saturation: 0, and Coverage: 100

Effects> Noise>> Add Noise


13. Blur this layer again using Gaussian Blur set to Radius: 1

Effects> Blur>> Gaussian Blur

14. Flatten the image

15. Import the metal plate image of your choice and move it below the Rust layer.

16. Set the Rust layer's blend mode to Overlay.

17. Create a new layer between the Rust layer and your plate metal layer.

18. Choose the paint brush tool set to a brush width of 15 using the default black color. Make some squiggles on this new layer. keep them mostly vertical. feel free to experiment with brush size and coverage amounts with ths step.


19. Blur this layer using Gaussian Blur set to Radius: 130-135. Again, feel free to experiment with this step with even greater or less blur.

Effects> Blur>> Gaussian Blur


20a. Optional: You can set this layer's blend mode to Overlay for a more subtle rust effect.

21. Flatten your image and you are done.

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I would like to second Ego Eram Reputo's comment about "Great job explaining the technique". For a relative newcomer to Paint.NET and graphics editing in general (which is my case), this tutorial is incredibly well presented. (Also, it's a cool effect!)

Thanks. . .

Tony N.

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Thanks for the kudos, all. I am glad you guys like it and hope you find it useful.

I discovered if you use this tut in conjunction with theonlychad's Concrete texture you end up with a splendidly corroded texture...


Try it out!

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^^ "See, the Alien was down that hallway. Crouching & feeding on something. I let off a burst from the hand cannon but it disappeared quick. LOOK! You can see I hit it by the acid etchings in the floor....,"

- unreleased (& unwritten) Sci-fi novel by EER boltbait.mrgreen.png

I eagerly await the full publication. boltbait.mrgreen.png

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Great tutorial. Wish there were more explanation of what each effect is supposed to be simulating (like these squilly lines will make the rust flowing down the metal look, and also why Blend Overlay only works like this sometimes), but I managed to use this tutorial to make some rust, and then use Select Mode Add Union, dipped the selected parts in my new rust texture...and the result was pretty gewd. Here it is (obviously the left side is the finished product):


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