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  1. I wasn't able to use this tut in its entirety because I couldn't dload the Kaleidoscope script. However, it taught me techniques I was able to adapt and inspired me to come up with this... Thanks for a tut that didn't just show how to make an object but taught techniques that could be used in other ways as well.
  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I needed a prism for a project I am working on and your tut was just what I needed. Here is what I came up with using your methods... Thank you again for a wonderful tutorial!
  3. Thanks for the kind words and input pdnnoob and delpart. I have never used splinter blur before but after your advice I have been playing around with it. It can give some very fun results. I will look into playing the cloud deformation as well since I am not familiar with that (I am a noob in many pdn tools and techniques). If I am able to get the hang of using them to get better esults here I will definitely update the tut (as humble as it may be). Thanks again!
  4. I won't disagree with you and I will be glad to learn how to improve, but, I am not really sure what you are talking about. So, after posting this tut I did some more searching and found a Photoshop tut that was very similar to what I had here but with a few extra steps that I think gave a better result than what I originally had. I implemented those steps with what I had and offer what I hope is a better result.
  5. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I am almost hesitant to post this tut because it is so simple, but a search found no marble tuts covering veined marble. So, I will go ahead and post this tut for better or for worse. This is what we are aiming for in this tut... 1. Begin with a New Image 800x600. If you are into naming your layers, you can call this layer "Base" (or Bob, or Wallace, or whatever you want). 2. Render Clouds using default colors with Scale @ 600 and Rougness @ 0.60. Set the Blend Mode to Difference Effects > Render >> Clouds 3. Now hit Ctrl+F to duplicate the render clouds effect. You can do this as many times as you wish. To get the effect pictured above I hit Ctrl+F five times. I have found I get best results if repeat the render an odd number of times. You should end up with something like this... 4. Duplicate the layer. Name the duplicate "Overlay". 5. Now change the Levels setting for this new layer. Set the top Input @ 35. Everything else can be left at default. Adjustments > Levels 6. Set the layer Blend Mode to Overlay. 7. Create a new layer, name it "Background", and move it to the bottom. 8. Choose the default light gray from the color pallette (HEX: 808080) and bucket fill the Background layer. 9. Choose your Base layer and set the Opacity to 50 10. Flatten your image and, voila, marble... Play around with Curves (or your favorite coloring method) to get various results Adjustments > Curves or Curves+ I hope this wasn't too simple for a tut. I know it would have helped me out to have one rather than fiddling around until I got the right (or at least satisfactory) result (but, hey, most of the fun is in fiddlin' around).
  6. I have been trying to make a weathered barn wood texture and finally decided to check the tuts. I like to at least attempt it on my own first- more often then not though I find myself here looking desperately for a tut. Anyhow, this tut is exactly what I was looking for... Thank you for sharing your know how with us!
  7. I love this tut! It is definitely one of my favorites. I like that it taught me techniques to use for other projects and not only how to make the object from the tut. I played around a little using the steps and techniques of this tut and here is one my attempts... Thank you again for an absolutely great tut! This indeed will prove a handy learning experience for me.
  8. Nice tut! Here is my first attempt. I was experimenting with alpha-displacement to get sunlight reflections on the ruins so the quality didn't turn out as good as yours. I hope to figure it out so that I can eventually get the quality of your pic with reflections as well. I will fiddle with it some more when I get a chance. Thanks again for the tut!
  9. Thanks for sharing your work AGJM! I like the "scrubbed" look of your result.
  10. Thanks for the fun tut! Here is my go at it...
  11. Thank you for the great encouragement! I am very glad that my tut was helpful to you.
  12. Thank you! I have been trying to put multiple layers in one image and I am sure there is an easier way than what I am doing. If I just adjust the shift of the fore image without doing anything else I get this (it is just a circle in front of a rectangle; something simple to experiment with)... The backfilling of the front image cuts out portions of the back image and the back image distorts the front image. With some fiddling I can get to this... It is a little sloppy right now, but, the cutting out and distorting are pretty much remedied but it took three separate layers to get it. In a separate image I ran backfill on my front image and used the resulting image to make 2 different cut outs of my back image. Is there an easier way to get multiple layers in one of these images?
  13. Thank you! I used the Perlin texture and then Dents to get the background. The swirl did take a while to tile. I did it manually. I discovered your plug-ins after doing this image (that will teach me to do a tutorial before reading all of the pages following it ). Your plug-ins for this are great, BTW. They have come in very handy; thank you for taking the time to create them.
  14. Thanks for an awesome tut! I am experimenting with some variations on it but here is my first attempt... I am looking forward to seeing what else I can do with this. Thanks again!
  15. That's a cool trick. David Copperfield had better watch out. Thanks for moving it.
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