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  1. OK, I will accept that. What I meant by the 'Regedit' remark was that Microsoft have a page where they show you which is the correct key to look for in RegEdit to determine the .Net version, and mine only showed 4.8. Sorry for any confusion Brian
  2. Rick, According to Microsoft's Regedit example, I only have 4.8 installed Brian
  3. Just a question: I am running PDN 4.3 7881 (the latest), and I have .Net version 4.8.4084.0. Do I need to install .Net 5 to benefit from all the latest tweaks and code in PDN 4.3? Thanks, Brian
  4. Thank you, dynojuggler - first tutorial I've been able to follow all the way to the end, with a great result Brian
  5. Settings > User Interface Select English (or espanol) from Language dropdown Brian
  6. Just had a thought (rare, I know): If you want to use any of the filetypes that are in the \Bundled folder, do you have to move them to \FileTypes folder? Brian
  7. Something like this? Effects > Distort > Image Distortion... Brian
  8. Been trying to use this plug-in. Where do I find Height Maps, or where can I download them from, please? Brian
  9. Diamond Painting seems to be a "paint by numbers" method of applying diamond-like coloured crystals to a canvas. I suppose the canvas has to have some adhesive on it first. Maybe the question should have been: Has anyone done a "Paint by Numbers" style of plug-in that could be used for that purpose? Which would be a fair question . . . Brian
  10. Ardneh, Well, I never! Open in New Tab worked just fine. I will remember that one . . . Pixey, If I was given the choice of Norton or throw away my PC, the PC would be out of the window! Thanks to all for your help - what wonderful people on this forum Brian
  11. Pixey, Well, I've just managed to download the Edge Shader update with no problem - it's just the Clock Plugin that's pesky. I checked my Downloads, thanks, but I was certain it wouldn't be there. I have been using PCs since before DOS 3, so I have a pretty good understanding of them by now (that ages me, doesn't it!) Once spent a week in Florida near you, at Clearwater Beach. I should have called for a cuppa, but instead I had to go find a dentist, as I had a raging toothache (and that cost me a pretty penny!) Brian
  12. Hello, I've been trying to download the Clock Plugin to have a go, and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Any ideas? Brian
  13. Many thanks to those who answered my S O S - I got there in the end with Paste Warp+ Brian
  14. Thanks for all your help so far. The desired effect is to make it look like a curved piece of railway line. Not a sharp bend, just a gradual curve Brian
  15. Hmm - I don't seem to be able to download either. And Point Warp doesn't seem to work correctly with 4.xx Any more ideas? Brian
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