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  1. To put Pixey's mind at rest, I've just uninstalled Pinta! Every time I launched it, it was asking to be repaired . . . Brian
  2. Well, the menus look almost the same, icons and floating windows. Even requires .Net to run. But after messing with Pinta, PDN seems well superior BTW, have you actually tried Pinta, just for curiosity? Brian
  3. I was just idling my way round the 'net, and I came across a picture editor called Pinta - https://www.pinta-project.com/ I installed it to see what it was about, and was amazed to see there was a startling resemblance to PDN. Is there some link between the two? Brian
  4. Gotcha! Thanks, Pixey. I am really trying to get to grips with PDN - sometimes the sequences don't always make sense to me Another one is the Clone Stamp. I've read the Help File, followed it correctly (I thought), but it still evades me. Keep trying... Brian
  5. Duh! Try as I might, I can't get the Invert menu option to light up. I have got the black box on a new layer. Please tell me how to select the black box and make it active Brian
  6. Remake, Thank you so much - you were right! The offending plugins were in the Documents\paint.net App Files\Effects folder. I shall take more care next time I install Plugins Brian
  7. Hi, Can anyone explain why I have got two entries in my menus for some items? For example, in Effects > Tools, I have two entries for Grid Warp..., Liquify..., Smudge... and Twist... As far as I can see, there is only one DLL for each of these functions. Does make the listings rather long! Many thanks, Brian
  8. Thank you - that rings a bell! I will look at Inkscape, then Brian
  9. Hi, I remember when at work watching our artists create some display text with FreeHand, converting the text to paths (or outlines), which then enabled them to modify the characters separately. They could also fill the shapes with colour or shading, or even fill the background with a picture Has any Plugin been written to do that, or am I not looking in the right place! Many thanks, Brian
  10. Many thanks for your suggestion. The picture was far too "busy" to do any meaningful selection with the wand, but I got there in the end, using layers Brian
  11. Any ideas? I have a picture of a mountain biker coming through woods. There is a lot of greenery. I would like to make all the greenery, trees, etc, as greyscale, but leave the mountain biker as is, with all his coloured top, shorts, helmet and bike, etc Many thanks for any ideas, Brian
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