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  1. Here's some screenshots of Stencil2Eye 02 as Stencil2Eye 01 was mainly just for dingbat fonts. Probably not helpfull for a beginner, but some people might find it useful, I'd write more detail, but wtf? Basis idea is to: 01. take an image 02. make a "stencil" of the image 03. Make a "stencil selection" using the stencil and magic wand. 04. Copy the original image using the stencil selection. 05. "Dip" the selected image in a color. 06. Change the look using the Layer Properties Mode 07. Copy "dipped" image BACK to original. 08. Paste over original so that alpha shadows can be used.
  2. Great tutorial. Wish there were more explanation of what each effect is supposed to be simulating (like these squilly lines will make the rust flowing down the metal look, and also why Blend Overlay only works like this sometimes), but I managed to use this tutorial to make some rust, and then use Select Mode Add Union, dipped the selected parts in my new rust texture...and the result was pretty gewd. Here it is (obviously the left side is the finished product):
  3. These days, happiness for me is jogging. I never liked jogging before, but it must be like the "jog is up" or something (like when the skateboarding was up a few years back) coz now when I jog, it's like totally awesome. I take a backpack with a 5lb weight in the back so I can hook my thumbs under the straps as I jog and get used to carrying stuff. It's much better than running, which gives me shin splints, but you might want to work up to it by walking real fast a bunch. Kinda like how it went with skateboarding a few years back. I was walking everywhere, then one day it hit me, hey, why not skateboard down the road? Next thing I knew I was skateboarding all over the place like it was 1987 or something. Oh yeah, try jogging real slow too as a mental exercise.
  4. It's like the planet from where those "splinter" things were from in that movie about the splinter things that turned people into splinter people because they wanted to get in that isolated convenience store but those two nerds wouldn't let them but then those two nerds became LIKE the splinters when they chopped off that one guy's arm...I think it was called "The All Night Gas Station" or something.
  5. DoverDemon77 just edit another classic tune from the, uh, 1970s, Diana Ross's "Theme from Mahogony". I always dug this tune, but didn't like the upbeat parts as it detracted from the scaryness of the rest of it...it features screenshots from Bill Bixby's "The Incredible Hulk"...witch just so happened to have "lite" my way through the dark days of 1977. Just wanted to say "thanks" to your mysterious website program (like I'm an idiot or something).... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9gK9ADZods
  6. RANT: Charles Darwin What's that name game thing where you change the letters around? His is name "Charles Warden".
  7. Randy Vanwarmer--Just When I Needed You Most ...reminds me of back then, back when you weren't so smart and you liked things like this. You still remember it, don't you? Well, don't you? Ah shucks....he don't remember nothin now. Why don't he remember Pa?
  8. Sure, to highlight, select a Primary Color in Paint.net's color wheel window. This will be the highlight color. Overdrive Version = All pixels with Alpha UNDER the slider value are highlighted. EX: Slider = 100, pixels with an alpha value of 0 to 100 are highlighted. Reg Version = Only Alpha pixels of the slider's value will be highlighted. EX: Silder = 40, pixels with Alpha of 40 are highlighted. NOTE: You can use Reg Version to reset the Overdrive Version back to normal. To Change the Alpha Value (UnAlpha): 01. UnAlpha Low Cutoff = All Alpha Values Below this sliders value will be ignored. 02. UnAlpha High Cutoff = All Alpha Values Above this slider's value will be ignored. 03. Alpha Replacement Level = Replace all pixels with an Alpha value between Low and High with an Alpha Value of this number. EX: Low = 200 High = 250 Replacement = 255 ...All Pixels (selected) with an alpha value of 200 to 250 are replaced with the same RGB, but with an Alpha Value of 255. For Version 03: To Add to Alpha Value (UnAlpha) 01. Make sure Replacement is at 0 02. Whateva the adder slider is, it will look at each pixel's alpha value and then ADD the slider's amount to it. If the new Alpha Value is over 255, then it will just be 255. For example: Low = 0 High = 50 Add = 50 All pixels selected with an alpha value of 0 to 50 are replaced with same RGB, but an Alpha Value of +50. So, if the pixel's Alpha value was 25, it would now be 75. To Subtract...same as add but it subtracts. Anything less than 0 will be 0. *Also, you can use the Reg Version Highlighter to reset the plugin, kinda of a pain, but sometimes works.
  9. Well, these days I'm usually saying something insulting all the time, but I pretend to just be ignorant, it's sooo funny. <snip>
  10. I like a blunt edge sword (witch no one makes). You know, usually your enemy WANTS you to create blood and guts just so I have to look at it. A good blunt goes a long way in the end....
  11. Need this one for a project I'm working on (modding a video game). Anywayz, you can highlight Alpha Pixels (using whatever color you have set to the Primary Color in Paintnet's color wheel. But then you can REPLACE Alpha Pixels with a new Alpha Value set by you (via the plugin). Also, you don't HAVE to replace ALL the alphas as the plugin allows for upper and lower cutoff values. For instance, I had this inventory box with Alpha-ized edges around the box that I wanted to keep that way. Inside the inventory box were all these pixels with around 204 alpha. I set the low alpha cutoff to 200, the high to 254, and the deed was dun. Sure, I could have SELECTED just those inside pixels but the corners are ROUNDED and you know how that lasso thing works so well...just makin' it easier on meself, that's all................. Source Code Included UnAlpha-03.zip NOTE: 02 version uploaded. No changes except changed some code to make it less wastefull. Still does the crazy "working" bar in Paint.net when you're just moving the sliders to configure, but technically this one should be using less power as it does not select all the pixels until you use one of the checkbox options. Best I can do without figuring out what a void render is.... NOTE: 03 version uploaded. Had another use in my SHOWW2 mod, I had this transparent "light type/highlight effect" image that shows where to put a weapon in an inventory that was totally too weak (alpha values weren't high enough) for a black background. So, I added an add to and subtract from alpha values to the plugin. Read below for more info...Also deleted some stupid variables that the plugin wasn't using (using old plugins and I'm gettin' stupider by the day...hooray!)
  12. Here's my confession, it's probably not as good as all those other ones... Hidden Content: Spoiler Alert! I really HATE gifts. You know, I find the practice of "gift giving" to be an EXTREMELY unsociable, irresponsible, and disrespectful act. Sure, THEY've taught us all to LOVE gift giving. It's so nice on X-Mas (the celebration of the birth of that guy who would later be publically executed) with all the colors and flashing lights everywhere and the eloquent animal corpses to eat...and/or that obese elderly man who uses reigndeers to pull him thru the sky and dresses in non-practical clothing...he'll get in yer house while yer sleeping on the 25th...yikes! But really, THINK about it. How can a person ever really KNOW what another person wants? Sure, you can even get the product right, but what about the color? What about the style? Best Scenario: You give the person something they wanted but it's the wrong style or color. Well, I guess NOW they have to live with the imperfection of your action...unless they're the type to just throw it away. You're a real a-hole my friend. YOU just made their life even MORE imperfect. Worst Scenario: You give them something they didn't want. NOW you've wasted their time, the time of the workers who mined/harvested/made/shipped/sold the item. You're a real social leach my friend. No, gifts stink. Give money and a cool card (hey, you graphic artists should like that).
  13. Here's about the only tune from the ska band "Madness" that I like. I was digging "The Specials" "Ghost Town" tune a few years back until I realized he was saying "This town is coming like a ghost town" when I had thought he was saying "This town is kinda like a ghost town"...which makes more sense to me. Then I saw it was in that stupid zombie movie about those two alcoholic english twits (Hillbilly and Pillbilly Kill their Mother...was that what it was called?)... Anywayz, check out this video. Not sure how these guys are so short or what this video has to do with Ska or Dub, but the lead singer looks like Ewen McGregory in HUGE eyebrows. Dunno who those dudes are behind him...maybe it's the London Star Wars Fan Club of 1978....
  14. "Men of War" beeyatches. I don't like the game or the genderist name, but DUDE can you mod the hell out of it...you can: 01. Write fx graphic code. 02. Make maps (also has a map/GEM editor) 03. Make mission code scripts. 04. Rearrange many of the files (de-OOp it so that all the Include code isn't everywhere). 05. ...There's probably more, I'm still learning it. Tons of mods with TONS of content too. Lot's of fun (at least till I figure out how to get away from these darn computers... jeezzzzz they take up like all day or something)....I just want to stare out the window ya know.
  15. No problem! Hey, is it true that a flash drive is just a network antenna and that's why you can store so much information on it? I do this stuff you moderator guys coz I appreciate all your hard work...
  16. Here's one i like...about the only I like from this band...it's sooooo groovy (tho it helps to edit it a bit)...don't let guys with this album throw you in the back of their van tho...that's a hate ride to hell (let me tell you).
  17. Here's another version. This one adds "Overdrive" features. Transparency Overdrive: 01. Works the same, but doesn't erase highlight. 02. Looks for all Alpha values UNDER the slider number. Saturation Overdrive: 01. You need to color pick a color in the picture and put that as SECONDARY COLOR. 02. Put highlight color as Primary. 03. Will look for colors that have same: Hue and Value 04. Looks for colors that have a saturation level UNDER slider value. Value/Shade Overdrive 01. Same as Saturation Overdrive. 02. Looks for same: Hue and Saturation + Values UNDER slider value Not sure if those last two are worth a flip, but what the hell? No "reset" picture, but you can figure out how to do that by being creative. ShadiSearch2.zip
  18. Just wondering about the possibility of zoom windows (output windows). The Opened File in the UR corner works okay as a zoomed/output window, but a seperate window is always nice. For instance: 01. Deleting backgrounds: You often have to zoom in to do such things. It would be nice to see the output in a less zoomed version (300%, 200%, 100%, etc). 02. Working with icons: How to tell if your shade looked good without zooming out again? The way i've seen it done (at AlphaGraphics, etc) is you make changes, then you keyboard shortcut zoom out. You do that over and over again until you're done. Works okay, but I think having to access the keyboard that much could seriously crimp your creativity. Anywayz, just a suggestion. Pretty sure you can't do such things with a plugin, but if anyone knows of a way to do this in CodeLab, please respond. Maybe I could write a seperate class instance expression, add a bit of Lambada to a nested routine, and finally a goto statement that doesn't work? Maybe I'll switch it to another block...see how that works. That stuff is sooooo kewl. ~DoverDemon~
  19. This topic has made me want to weep in joy. Personally, I think all that "God cursed us", "Tower of Babylon" stuff they kept telling me (over and over ever damn Sunday) is true. Therefore, not sure the best way to perceive "life" when a gigantic supernatural force is actively "cursing you". For instance, you could be looking at a calm flowing stream with rocks and babling water and it's all serene and such. You could be quietly reflecting on the tranquil nature of the stream and thinking of good things. While someone else might see mowing your yard. And even "others" might see you being interogated by a group of facists. Where were you? I dunno... My guess, use your "ching". That is, move without knowing. Know that you have moved. Silence.
  20. Also noticed yesterday that if you resize an image with a transparent (all alpha) at the edges, the edges of the "cut out" will auto-blur sometimes...sort of like an automatic feather/anti-alias/blur thing.
  21. I found a "neat" way today. Just use a color that isn't in the (whatever picture) then zoom in and click/draw on the pixels that look bad around the edges, then use OtherFarmColorReplacer to change the color into a transparency. Probably not suitable for photos however. That AA Assistant looks pretty neat. Didn't know about that opacity thing either. Have to try that to do a anti-aliasing effect on my crappy icons. I was getting pretty angry trying that with the "regular" eraser as 1 click too long and it would blow away the edge of my icon. Funny how I find out things as soon as i've found another way to do them.
  22. Yeah. I had a bunch of records like that stuff and gave it all to the Goodwill a few weeks ago. So long Smiths records. Still keeping my Flesh for Lulu "I Go Crazy" from the OST, uh..what was the name, ... 45...AND my "Stop me if you think..." Smiths 45 for now....they'll make good burnin' later. You should try out for copy editor of Spin or NME or something...they probably need dudes like you.
  23. Needed this plugin to continue my research into why the icons I attempt to make for my MOW UI mod look all lame and stupid (like Qbasic fonts and graphics). Even when I use a feather plugin...they still look lame... So, I created this plug-in to look at icons (specifically dingbats from the dafont "Green Army Men") to see what sort of values are being used to make THOSE cool looking. PLUGIN NAME: ShadiSearch (v01) USE: 01. Can cycle thru Value(Shade), Transparency(Alpha), OR Saturation levels. 02. Replaces each instance of that level with whatever color is set in to Primary in the Paint.net pallete. Hopefully this helps me to learn how to make such icons better. For instance, so far i've noticed that these icons appear to take into account light source, skin reflectability, etc. Surprising how little of these types of icons are actually just 1 color. *source code included **Made with CodeLab ShadiSearch-v01.zip Here's version 2 adding "overdrive" functions (read below)... ShadiSearch2.zip
  24. Is there any way to save colors to the Paint.net Pallete, uh, system? For instance, I have a list of colors made from user input and I want to put the in the pallete...any code for that? Is that a valid Urinary Pixel Operation? Thanks, DoverDemon
  25. In Adobe Photoshop, I think I recall there being something like a smudge tool that made that easier. A feather plugin will do about the same thing (I think). Also, when deleting backgrounds, you might try adding a second layer below your edit and fill it with a dark color, that way you can see such things as you erase. Also, you might turn anti-aliasing OFF for the eraser (it won't blend). I'd suggest pencil "painting" with a custom color with the Alpha set to 0 (full transparency) and Zoomed in a bunch, but that doesn't seem to work. AND, if you have that set to a primary color, the eraser stops functioning.
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