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[SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

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Could this count?


It does say decaying, and returning to nature but I'm unsure.

I think the decaying refers to the architecture (Building etc)...may work of you put say maybe a pyramid or temple in the background or an old mansion.

Good on you for making an attempt...

For those of you that are content to sit this one out...are you artists or chickens!?

People, it's not that hard!

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it may not be hard, but that dosn't necasserily mean that everyone can put their artwork to that theme easily, some people have different styles and practice different things, sokagirl for example, the master of abstracts, she's not a big fan renders where as for darkshock the master of C4D sigs and similar creations as such, he is generally a large render user.

you get what i mean, and archaic just isn't my style, i'm waiting for the nxt one when i may have a better chance of competing.

no offence is directed anywhere or at anyone in the above post.

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@ mendo gee thanks , I know it is a hard theme but not impossible . I used a background from one of my older creations and blended in the stock photo of Apollo , I try to keep mine simple . I agree with you on that everyone has their own different styles which makes it interesting :P

@ SkullSplitter if it's ancient then it should fit in .

@ Massive_Frog if the decaying dude is an ancient ruler then maybe , it would look great with a old ruins [ A tomb ] perhaps ?

@ Kemaru , yours is fine the way it is ..

Good luck everyone , as for those who haven't entered yet , give it a try .. If anything else at least it was fun creating it , remember it's not for getting a prize it's the feeling that you participated in something with your fellow pdn peeps :lol:

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