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[SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...


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has the voting started yet??

Axle calm down...

Indeed. Today has been an insanely busy day for me, and I still have three, yes three conferences to go to tonight. I will get voting up though, I'll find the time. GTG now.

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Sorry, when I cut and pasted from AbiWord I may have missed one or two lines.

EDIT: Oh, I see the confusion. Anyone who's name is mentioned in there received at least one vote. I counted the votes by going through the PM's I recieved, and I typed in the names as they came up, so the name counts as a vote.

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Could I use this for 28? It is a vehicle of the future.


If not, I have another sig.

That's a good sig, but I don't think it really qualifies as a vehicle. :)

Okay TY, just wanted to check. It is actually my entry for another SOTW so I thought I may get away with making 1 sig for the both of them

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