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  1. Rant: Surely my tutorial, viewtopic.php?f=34&t=27708 , which uses plugins can't belong in the Newbie Playground? Can someone clarify?
  2. Awesome tutorial, keep up the good work!
  3. No. Chip Coffee? I mean, who came up with that? XD
  4. Nobody else is posting, so: here's one, I know it's missing something but what could I add?
  5. That game doesn't take that long to download does it? Some games do! I had the same thing happen to me, on my Xbox 360. What happened was I was downloading the full game of GTA: SA overnight but when I got up in the morning, the download had been cancelled manually. My brother says it wasn't him, but I'm not so sure. Rant: Have you ever had a friend who was too... clingy? Well, I do, he spent far too much time at my house today, he just gets annoying easily.
  6. What was I thinking, in my sleep deprived state? I could never leave the forums. True. Again, true So guys, I'm back after leaving not even an hour ago, how pathetic am i?
  7. The past few pages of this thread sadden me, I have read the entire argument and I feel really upset that the mods could argue like that. That said, I must announce my departure, perhaps not forever but certainly until I see everyone getting on again. Goodbye. For the record, I'm not doing this for sympathy. Really.
  8. I find it amazing that there are more pages in the Rant thread than the Sanctuary. Rant: Physics exam tommorow.
  9. So... you base your entire argument on a pun? Right, then... Yeah, I get what you mean on that......... Jeez
  10. As a addicted Twitterer (?) I feel that you are wrong. I don't mean to start an argument but I'm just voicing my opinion.
  11. Great, I've printed it out for easy looking, thanks
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