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  1. Something I cooked up because it's the first thing I though of. That, by the way, is the official Internet Seal of Awesome.
  2. With Ink 0.47, draw a small circle and convert it to a path. Grab the rightmost point and drag it further right into a teardrop shape. Select it, and hit Ctrl-C. This will be your "brush". Now either set your pen's patten to "From Clipboard" in the drop-down box at the top and start drawing or pick a preexisting path and add a "Pattern Along Path" path effect and hit the clipboard paste button. Then start experimenting with other brush shapes and effects.
  3. So now I'm trying to draw the entire character behind the eye . . . kinda. Her name is Rain (level 4 hairstyle metaphor, btw), and she has a whole long backstory. Shading and detailing will come tomorrow. Any critique while it's still relatively easy to edit?
  4. Hmm, I like Kemaru's. Depth of field + desaturation are tasty, although the red should have been restricted to the ball.
  5. Thanks folks. Inkscape 0.47, the PDN of vector graphics.
  6. Great! I made a few subtle changes. Look closely and see if you can spot them.
  7. So I wanted a new personal, multipurpose logo. I had a vision of an eye: You can see that the skin-shading on the top version, although freaking gorgeous, might get in the way. The bottom is, in my opinion, interesting in its own way but a little to simple. The center scales well (the 4th center is about 16x16) but the shaded eye clashes with the flatness around it. One other option is too remove the farthest right and left sections of the skin shading and only shade lightly above and below the eye, which has its own appeal but doesn't hint so much at the rest of the face: Any thoughts?
  8. ... I bury this body, I swear I'll do the dishes, honey. A penny saved ...
  9. The flowers were cut out by the text's alpha channel, and then use Overlay blending. Ayup. You too?
  10. Today we're going to channel a little bit of ThatGameCompany's logo coolness and make another attempt at the Adele/statue-style drawings. As a signature: And 2x/4x res, because 450x130 is blasphemy against the amount of time I spent on this girl. thoughts?
  11. Here's the colored (original photo) version of Paris. Interesting thing, that. The plugin I used for putting the newspaper in perspective, dpy's Perspective, doesn't do it exactly right, so the perspective on the paper is different from left to right and top to bottom (the paper is steep at the top but seems flatter at the bottom), and it kinda messes with your head. The microphone looks pretty close to me, but I've got no way of measuring to make sure. Thanks! --------- Anyone know of a Silicon Valley graphic design studio that would hire a freshman GD student? Especially for vector
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