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[SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...


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the top one is good

just the contrast is really off..

way too washed out :P

Got a bit of CC from another site too.

They said about flow, dual focal ect.


-Contrasting version.


-Normal version.

Need a bit o' help choosing and CCing.

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I don't like the Dents effect, at least remove it from that football. It's distracting the eyes from the robot/player-thing. The contrast is off in both your versions, the contrasted version is too contrasted while the normal version has no contrast at all. Your sig also lacks a source of light, which should be somewhere above the render.


Here's my entry. CC appreciated but I can't edit my entry so whatever. :)

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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I guess I'll enter a SOTW for once. This is more of an art sig than one I'd use on a forum. But it feels like it needs something . . . CC?


MLK pic from here: http://volcanicast.com/?p=217

Microphone from here: http://www.avistarentals.com/equipment_item.php?id=147

And I think I finally found the right combo of effects to create a newspaper background, too.

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