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    If i told you, it wouldn't be hide and seek!
  1. Hey, I love the way your picture came out from the splatter. I also tried, and failed horribly. What settings did you use for the splatter (pyrochilds plugin)? Or did you use brushes?

  2. that is amazing sharp, it looks relatively simple at first glance, but now i think about it, there must have been a great deal of effort and time put into that.. the outlining of the text works really well. i like the way the blue gently fades out a little bit around the text in the middle.. great job 8.5 / 10 i made this one for a gaming website i regular.. and i know it's ridiculously over sized for a signature.. but it's closer to a signature than anything else.. rate:
  3. ok, wireless router finally fixed... mendo is backl in action :D

  4. Hey long time no see indeed , missed you .

  5. ummmm it's a z... :oops: 3/10 i don't know how you can improve an outlined z i'm sorry. on your left you ill see my first ever peice of vector work, feel free to rip and post it everywhere, so the whole world knows how excellen.... meh this is a mouthful. please just rate my dodgy peice of vectored imagery...
  6. you've made the render blend in too much with the C4Ds but well done on the depth, theres plenty of it, the image looks a little :AntiAliasingOff: but overall it's quite nice 8/10 this isn't really my type of work as it's really basic but it felt right at that stage with like 2 C4Ds and a render and a stock and a brush layer, ok well it's kinda simple anyway... btw it's my current
  7. really... :shock: i find it quite simple.. and once again i did the work myself but i give credit to gigabytes splatter sig tut
  8. wow, even a nomination would be a great honour... although i did it, the idea is mainly from gigabytes splatter sig tutorial... Thanx for the feedback... and btw i'm lovu'n the apple work
  9. ok. don't worry i only wanted some feedback but that's ok surface, post directly after me...
  10. WOW, the red just came off my screen and punched my face. lolz it's ok, try changing the opolar inversion settings a little bit though well done, i made this with the help of gigabytes splatter tut... sorry if it's big...
  11. it may not be hard, but that dosn't necasserily mean that everyone can put their artwork to that theme easily, some people have different styles and practice different things, sokagirl for example, the master of abstracts, she's not a big fan renders where as for darkshock the master of C4D sigs and similar creations as such, he is generally a large render user. you get what i mean, and archaic just isn't my style, i'm waiting for the nxt one when i may have a better chance of competing. no offence is directed anywhere or at anyone in the above post.
  12. it seems to be a great idea, and i've tryed and tryed to make an entry i just can't quite grasp the concept of this archaic business.... i'll just wait til' nxt week, good luck to anyone who enters and... have!
  13. wowzers that's really good stranger, render looks sweet background is nice and simple effects are clean, only problem, left side looks a little :AntiAliasingOff: but aside from that great job mate. 8.5 / 10 rate current.
  14. lol... the memo, silly zeion your sigs cool, i know even if i tried i couldn't achieve a sig like that. the text works great and patterns and border fit very well great job 8.5 / 10 what dus yuu fink ov teh new MAX size'D sonikz sigz0rsZ LOL
  15. :shock: jeees it's just holidays aislin, don't you think the word basterd is a little over the top? oh, and i know this will sound really dumb but when is the next sotw opening if it already has... link me?
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